Fireworks Are The Most Important Thing Now

Maybe it’s time for us to start talking about the folks who defamed us? Maybe we should name names, tell you were they work, who they’re involved with, which faux journalists they are, how much money they’ve taken from Jonathan Miller and his sister, their involvement with Jack Conway and Elaine Walker and what they do? Because people can’t stop making shit up. Some folks apparently don’t remember how much fun it was getting their ass handed to them. Maybe we can start talking about how they spread autopsy photos of my mother in an attempt to harm me personally. [How Cute]

Looks like KRS board member Tommy Elliott’s fun within Greg Fischer’s world is coming under fire from the Metro Council. [WFPL]

The Metro Sewer District audit is scheduled to be released today at 10:00 A.M. I hear you’ll want to read Dan’s story later today. [Dan Klepal]

Just a reminder to Greg Fischer: You may want to make sure your Metro Animal Services honchos aren’t threatening people with an audience. You don’t need that egg on your face. [Deep LMAS Failures]

Documents have finally been released regarding the University of Louisville Hospital merger. Reality? CHI would have control over all the money and could shift funds away from UofL without having to answer to anybody. [WHAS11]

A coal company filed for bankruptcy. You’ll get trashed and called a librul for discussing it. [H-L]

The Speed Museum is going to be closed for THREE YEARS while a new building is constructed! [FOX41]

Greg Fischer can spend hours in angst over fireworks but can’t be bothered to handle the mess at Louisville Metro Animal Services. [How Sad]

Instant racing stands at about $2 million per week, up 24% in November. And people are still afraid of expanded gambling? [H-L]

The entire city is freaking out over changes coming to Brownsboro Road at the Watterson. They’ve apparently forgotten the ongoing bridge nightmare. [WAVE3]

You should probably go see these photographs from Linda Golden at the Gardiner Lane Heine Bros because they are awesome. [Consuming Louisville]

No, Greg Fischer still hasn’t dealt with the contract mess with Metro EMS and employees are speaking out about it. [FOX41]

5 thoughts on “Fireworks Are The Most Important Thing Now

  1. “Dark Ages Over Louisville”

    Lulu: “Did you hear that they finally released some documents on the UofL hospital merger?”

    Louie: “Yeah, it looks like more Church magic–sort of like a Louisville version of the Vatican. It gets control of the MONEY and can do anything with it.”

    Lulu: “Holy Christ, are we back to the Middle Ages again?”

  2. “Speed Not So Speedy”

    The museum will be closed for three long years while a new building is completed? My God, Michelangelo finished his statue of David in the same amount of time in 1504.

  3. How sad that LMAS would threaten someone – back to their old tricks. Maybe they need to go and read the recently released decision by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals recognizing the Meloche “shake down” and multiple Constitutional violations in O’Neill and calculate how much the City will pay for all of the constitutional violations that the 6th Circuit found to exist. Do these people ever think before they act?

  4. I find it odd that the Midland project along Hwy22 gets stalled for years until J. Blue buys the property and cuts a few downtown deals with the city. All of a sudden the new off ramp is approved in record time and a VA hospital is ready to move in. But hey, they say it all coincidence so I guess I’ll just believe what they tell me.

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