Everybody Forgot About Promised Transparency

Greg Fischer campaigned on transparency and has spent the past year claiming to be the most transparent mayor in the country. Reality? He and his staff are working like mad to hide public documents, to obfuscate, to play pat-a-cake and be all-around difficult butt cramps when it comes to releasing information about their level of mismanagement at certain agencies. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Ruh ro! Looks like the copy editors at A Kentucky Newspaper screwed up the Greenville paper by including the word “fuck” – which is awesome. Looks like they’re as adept at screwing up other papers as they are the AKN. [Jim Romenesko]

Some hoodlum has stolen the Scales of Justice from Metro Gubmint! [Click the Clicky]

Oh, get a grip, people. Maker’s Mark IS cheap. That’s a good terrific thing. Maybe the best you can buy for the money. $25 is cheap for magical bourbon like that. Don’t play. And Maker’s 46 is worth every penny of it’s $40-ish price tag. [H-L]

That fireworks ban was so stupid that Metro Council is going to consider lifting it. After it only passed, what, two weeks ago? [WFPL]

Oh, look, here’s a six-page glowing review of Robert White from the paper. Never could have expected that. You’d think an actual news outlet get a few interviews with some officers who actually work in the community to find out what the deal really is with LMPD. They’re glad the man is leaving. [C-J/AKN]

Heard of this RAMP thing? Rockin’ Appalachian Mom Project? There’s a benefit being held on December 10 at The Green Building and Claudia Coffey is involved. It’s a good thing! [CLICK HERE]

It’s so foreign to see actual progress in a Kentucky city. Nope, it’s not Louisville. It’s happening in Lexington and nobody is being corrupt and nasty about it, either. [H-L & More H-L]

Louisvillians are discussing what they want in a new chief for the Louisville Metro Police Department. [FOX41]

Metro United Way has raised $24.5 million for its annual fundraising campaign. [Business First]

The sister of Sexytime Herman Cain’s alleged mistress is talking to Louisville teevee stations. This is definitely worthy of a pee alert. [WAVE3]

We’re trying really hard not to laugh about the lady who drove her car into Longhorn Steakhouse in J-town. Yes, we realize it could have been much worse. [WHAS11]

3 thoughts on “Everybody Forgot About Promised Transparency

  1. I’ve never understood the complaints against Maker’s Mark. It’s supreme quality bourbon. Every time I fly to Manhattan or out West to CA on business / to see friends – they all want Maker’s ’cause it’s good. I’ve actually gotten nods of approval and remarks in some pubs in Manhattan every time I order it. I took a bottle of Maker’s to a well-known mystery writer friend (and former next-door neighbor of mine when I lived in Manhattan) and he was overjoyed by the kind gesture. Impressing a native New Yorker is never an easy thing to do.

  2. Highly entertaining: The corporate communications manager at Heaven Hill emailed us this morning to promote Elijah Craig 12-year-old as a better buy than Maker’s.

    Once we stopped smirking upon learning just how jealous some bourbon folks are (wtf?), we realized they got our name wrong. Twice. (Stopped reading at that point)

    Completely weird.

    (Compare that to Maker’s Mark, which made it a point to know our names before we ever made it clear we were bourbon snobs.)

  3. I don’t understand how a word like that can be accidentally typed, especially when someone is typing something for work. I say it all day long while working, but never has it made it into a document.

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