Editorial Board Spins Again For Hospital Merger

Thankfully, the city of Louisville is withholding funds to the University of Louisville Hospital over concerns about merger. Do we even need to address the crocodile tears the editorial board is crying over this? [C-J/AKN]

Today at noon, during the Louisville Forum, the University of Louisville Hospital will face common sense opposition for the first time on the same panel. It should get interesting. [Click the Clicky]

Drugs and alcohol definitely fuel child abuse and neglect in Kentucky. But so do stupid parents. [H-L]

Out of sight, out of mind. People in Louisville are freaking out over a bunch of animals that were seized in Henry County. Unfortunately, these folks don’t realize what’s going on in their own back yard at Metro Animal Services. [FOX41]

That Henry County situation is disgusting, though, and those people deserve to be treated exactly as those animals were treated. [WAVE3]

Remember when Tom Owen skirted by with minimal public scrutiny over this property he’s trying to develop at the University of Louisville? Something tells us he’s not going to skirt by this time. [C-J/AKN]

Of course the decline in home sales was deeper than than reported. This is a surprise? You can’t possibly believe everything is as puppies and rainbows as alleged. [Business First]

Are you going to this holiday thing in Portland? You probably should. You can buy all of your gifts there. [Consuming Louisville]

Jefferson County Public Schools and the Jefferson County Teachers Association to clash in 3, 2… [WLKY]

A little transparency would go a long way when discussing the meth problem in Kentucky. Having a literal PR hack lie about his ties to an organization in the Herald-Leader (the paper is complicit) isn’t exactly the path toward progress. [Page One]

It’s a real shame that it took the expenditure of thousands of taxpayer dollars to get a public institution to release public records regarding health care. [WFPL]

Just a reminder that the Metro Sewer District had to pay an $8,000 fine to the Army Corps of Engineers and the head honchos want you to forget about it. [WHAS11]

10 thoughts on “Editorial Board Spins Again For Hospital Merger

  1. i won’t argue with you that no public official is safe from head-hunter-like scrutiny of all his/her business but, instead of innuendo, are there any specific problems about which people SHOULD be aware in tom owens’ development?

    i haven’t heard anything negative about it, only that the developers are cleaning up a brownfield (good), building (good), providing housing uofl needs (good), investing money (good), and trying to assure that their efforts are vetted along the way so that there is no appearance of impropriety.

    sounds like we should be supportive of belknap crossings efforts!

  2. Innuendo? Google is your friend. It does appear, however, that a few of the stories (there were a ton of questions at the time and Owen played pat-a-cake with them) were deleted when someone tried to rip the site apart in 2009 – which didn’t work out so well for them, as I now own it all.

    The C-J probably has a few stories about the issue in its archive.

  3. i too agree that it is a good thing that the owens are developing that property! when i worked in the city’s economic development dept i had to fight for andrew because jerry’s people were so afraid to allow him access to the EPA money although NO ONE else had taken advantage of the clean-up funds; they were the first to do so which forced the dept to create a process to distribute the funds. tom owens was always transparent not only as a metro council member but with his role at UofL. he has openly said (as this article indicates) that he will not vote on any issues related to the project…jake, are you proposing he do something else to be more transparent?

  4. One: Never said the development wasn’t a good thing.

    Two: Only suggesting he won’t get to skirt by with minimal public scrutiny this time, as I said. Is that a bad thing?

    And he did skirt by with minimal public scrutiny the last time. He wasn’t going to step aside until he was called out. And at first, he was all huffy and pissy about it until he realized he needed to do the right thing.

  5. well i’ll take him being “huffy and pissy” (which i wasn’t aware of that) over not being transparent at all. that’s more than what we get from others…thank you, jake, for being so critical. maybe your scutinizing will be all that’s needed to keep him above board:-)

  6. I think Tom is always above board. He’s one of the few.

    He was never doing anything shady or corrupt. It was just silly to think he could get by without being completely up-front in the beginning.

  7. Proof that the CJ is bought and paid for by UofL is that they’ve done virtually nothing about the ‘open records’ issue concerning the merger/sale. Instead they’ve left it to the County Attorney, who made a good effort. It’s clear as a bell on a spring morning that the $$$ that UofL is throwing at the CJ for multiple full page ads extolling the presumed virtues of this merger/sale have won the day.

    My God, the ran Dirty Judy out of town on a rail for $7k, but this deal is $350,000,000+ and they’ve redirected their open records onslaught to the child abuse records in Frankfort (without ever mentioning that the chief sneak there is a Happy Pants cohort — Tina Heavrin.) Pitiful

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