Woah! Metro Council Got Two Big Things Right

You probably need to read the story that deals with reality and the facts again. Metro Animal Services, Greg Fischer and Sadiqa Reynols are continuing to lie about mass killings and we prove it. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Predictions on the new Planning & Design Services Director appointed by Greg Fischer? [WFPL]

If you’re a veteran in need of a job in the Louisville area, 30+ employers hiring more than 500 people will be at John Yarmuth’s jobs fair on the 21st. [Click the Clicky]

Greg Fischer declared that Louisville is ready for winter. So you know what that means! The city will be more ill-prepared than it has been in 100 years. [WAVE3]

If racist halfwits ate anything other than corn syrup and pig anus, they’d be worried about their fear stifling the farming industry. [MSNBC]

At least Greg Fischer is admitting that he has next to nothing to do with the Ohio River Bridges Debacle. It’s just a shame everything he discusses comes off like he read it in a children’s book. [FOX41]


Wait. Maybe Lexington’s council is beginning to resemble the hot mess we’ve got in Louisville. [H-L]

Here’s a real shocker: Louisville Orchestra musicians rejected another contract offer. [C-J/AKN]

Metro Council finally got its ducks in a row on food trucks. This is a great start. But vendors weren’t “working with” Greg Fischer or his office. They were lobbying Metro Council and complaining to me when there was no movement. They never got anywhere with Greg. [WFPL]

Two local coffee shops are merging. Because what Louisville needs is more homogenization, of course. [Consuming Louisville]

The Forecastle Festival started a non-profit foundation that will become a big focus at the musical, art and environmental event. [Business First]

Metro Council will seek an indictment against that crazy ass constable who shot a woman in the face. [WHAS11]

3 thoughts on “Woah! Metro Council Got Two Big Things Right

  1. Why does a lawmaker or anyone else who wants the federal government to do its job have to be labeled a racist? This is typical MSNBC….this poor farmer isn’t going to be allowed to help others break the law and its the governments fault. I support farmers and the farming industry, but I also support compliance with federal, state, and local laws. It’s about supply and demand. The farmer is correct; most will not work in the fields 16 hours a day in a scorching hot field doing back breaking work for $10 an hour when they can get a job at White Castle for $10 an hour. (BTW-did you read some of the farm owner’s comments? God forbid a worker wants breaks and the ability to use the restroom.) This farm owner is upset because he’s losing his slave labor. Pay the going rate for legal workers or find another business. I’m not sympathetic.

  2. How can a local coffee drinker continue to lift his Heine to his lips in joyous celebration, knowing that his Heine is no more??

  3. A little known fact is that a grand jury can investigate on its own, without the commonwealth attorney. Would drive Stengel nuts, but it is perfectly legal. Obviously LMPD isn’t interested in pursuing a case when they couldn’t MAKE a case in three years.

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