University President Fired After Just One Scandal

Okay, here is the deal. How odd is it for a university president to get fired after only ONE scandal? [Deep UofL Thoughts]

Louisville Senator Tim Shaughnessy (hi, Tim!) says he isn’t running for re-election in 2012. Here’s hoping he decides to do something more fulfilling than serving in the legislature. [WLEX18]

Further proving our conspiracy theory that Greg Fischer only ran for mayor to be featured in the socialite rags every week. [Voice-Tribune]

You folks are really shocked that Louisville Metro Animal Services and Greg Fischer would go on a whitewash spree as I share negative facts from their own current documentation? And because I revealed why there was really a major Distemper outbreak? When they threaten us, we know we’re doing the right thing. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Today’s Veterans Day Parade begins at 11:11 A.M. and will be led by the 113th Army Band from Fort Knox. Main Street will be closed from 3rd to 10th Streets beginning at 11:00. [Veterans Day Traffic]

People who live near Atherton are holding a meeting with Greg Fischer to discuss break-ins? Really? Have these people ever been to the South End or Shawnee? Sucks that they’re experiencing break-ins but a meeting with the mayor? Really? Okay, reality: the meeting was already scheduled to take place at Atherton on Monday but it’s still apparently news enough that some well-to-do white people experienced a few break-ins. WTF, Louisville? [WHAS11]

Guess which publication just now discovered there’s a food truck snafu going on with Greg Fischer’s trust fund “advisers” and the rest of the community. [C-J/AKN]

At this point, you already know “clean coal” technology just doesn’t exist. Now the leading American effort to capture carbon emissions from coal plants has fallen apart. [NY Times]

Looks like folks in Denver aren’t too happy with the hiring of Robert White as their new police chief. [FOX41]

Here is an important music thing you should do in Louisville now and in January. [Consuming Louisville]

Metro Council members are saying what the public already knows: constables are unnecessary in Louisville. And that guy who shot the woman in the face is a loose cannon. [WAVE3]

Not many people are upset about the VA’s choice of a Brownsboro Road location for a new hospital and that’s a good thing. [Business First]

The Environmental Protection Agency has begun cleaning up the former Black Leaf Chemical site in Louisville’s Park Hill neighborhood. [WFPL]

10 thoughts on “University President Fired After Just One Scandal

  1. I’m seeing a LOT of dissatisfaction expressed in the C-J forum & many others regarding the MOVE of the VA Hospital. The prevalent opinion seems that they should stay where they are, with the addition of a parking garage, for the sake of the population they serve, for those employed there, and for those whom they will be expected to serve in the future.To move any farther east will be detrimental to the demographics.

  2. I’m not so sure about the demographics bit.

    The Watterson & Brownsboro is just as quick to get to from downtown as Zorn is. It’s definitely a lot easier to find and to maneuver.

  3. But Penn State ‘s president had to be fire as he was an amateur administrator. He didn’t even suggest the best practice of framing the victim with extortion? (satire)

    I don’t particularly enjoy the Voice-Tribune, but Greg’s baby blue tie is nice.

  4. “College Administrators and Scandal Industry”

    The prez at PSU got fired because it was a monstrous sex scandal involving young children. PSU did not fulfill its moral and legal obligations and the PR aftermath was simply horrendous. Those at UofL who have been involved in countless scandals continue on because the publicity (except for perhaps the Pitino case) did not cause the same amount of monstrously bad PR. The Felner scandal, for example, was mainly of interest to academics; who outside the academy had ever heard of the Psycho Dean? Of course, there have been scads of scandals at Belknap, so it is difficult to keep track of them. In general, no matter how bad a president is on one campus, he will likely be hired at a bigger and better place (this is an unwritten law of academe). Note that JR got an 8-year extension to stay at Belknap and thus did not even have to move (we have a comatose Board). The PSU example is an outlier because of the scandalous nature of the sexcapades that focused on kids.

  5. Dissatisfied Denver-ites are leering at a cartoon of “Captain Cannabis.” ;-D

    Re: VA — Someone pointed out that the 3 military recruiting offices in Louisville are in the south end, & the southwest – NONE / ZILCH in the east end. That’s what I mean about demographics. And a bus ride to get outside the Watterson to the Brownsboro site will encounter longer traffic delays just like passenger cars do.

  6. First, I am pleased to see (at least to this point) that the Sandusky horror show has not been transformed into a gay-bashing opportunity for the religious right.

    Secondly, I think at the end of the day, I think we’ll find out that it was a widely-suspected, and non-discussed belief in the college football community that Sandusky was pedo. I have never seen any legitimate explaination as to why the “heir apparent” to the Penn State program retired at 55, was never pursued by other programs as a head coaching candidate. I think we will find out that not only did the administration know and asked to him retire quietly in exchange for keeping it on the down-low, but other coaches and ADs throughout the college community suspected Sandusky was a pedo as well and didn’t want him to coach at their schools.

  7. Novena: I don’t think you have to worry about Comb-over Jimbo being recruited to any other ‘athletic club’ as its new president!!! There are few, if any, true universities that would even accept a ‘mailed in’ resume of Jimbo — if it included all the scandals that have been perpetrated and allowed to exist as a result of his ineptitude. Jimbo is the classic example of the Peter Principle (maybe it should NOW BE CALLED THE “PITINO PRINCIPLE”)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. “Highlander Hits the Jackpot!”

    Yes, indeed, if one were to write a novel about all the shenanigans under JR at Card Land, it would not be published (because it sounds so improbably ludicrous)–or, if published, it would have to be advertised under “science fiction.” I agree that JR is one of the true and few exceptions to the rule that “no matter how bad a college president is on his own campus, he can find bigger and better presidencies elsewhere.” Our Board of Cadavers is the only body (dead as it might be) that would hire or renew him –for eight more years, no less. Card Land is indeed a circus to behold!

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