Thoughts On Last Night’s General Election Results


  • Todd P’Pool: Why on earth didn’t you listen? You needed Democrats to win but you refused to do the right thing. You refused to campaign in Louisville, refused to ditch the anti-Obama bullshit and refused to focus on the needs of Kentucky. Every single time you were given good advice, you dismissed it entirely. You had more ammunition than any Republican has ever had to win a race and you completely ignored it. People may be congratulating you but I am calling you a political mistake. Stay away from statewide politics if you don’t have the guts to actually fight. Jesus H.
  • Jack Conway: Dedicating your victory to your family? Really? Quit with the whiny ass titty baby crap. Apologize for tipping your brother off to the drug investigation and start investigating DEMOCRATS for a change.

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1 thought on “Thoughts On Last Night’s General Election Results

  1. Conway getting elected after all the shit about the drug thing with his brother just shows how disconnected the average person is from the reality of what is really going on, and they just don’t care!

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