Support Your Local Food Trucks & Ride A Bike

A positive note, finally! Louisville music is a big deal and it’s in the latest Nylon Magazine. Cheyenne Marie Mize is mentioned at the link but Nerves Junior and other music highlights are in the print edition. The now-defunct ear X-tacy and WFPK even get lots of page space. [Nylon]

Remember J.D. Byrider? Looks like it and its ilk are making the national news yet again for deceptive and shady practices. [LA Times]

Don’t get us wrong. We love trees and the environment (clearly). But this is what Greg Fischer has time to do? Time to create a tree advisory board? But no time to deal with LMAS, EMS, MSD, Parks? [WFPL]

Holding a vigil for ear X-tacy? What? [FOX41]

We wish this were more of a possibility in Louisville. Swapping tail pipes for pedals could pay huge dividends for public health and the economy. [HuffPo]

Pro-tip to Tom Eblen: No one outside of Louisville and parts of Lexington has a clue what “Hindu” means. [H-L]

Greg Fischer and his trust fund staffers couldn’t be bothered to actually improve the food truck situation so – get this – Metro Councilcritters are doing so. Maybe. Finally. [More WFPL]

Really? A constable in the southwestern part of town drew his gun on a shoplifter at Walmart and shot her? By the jacktard that’s been a problem for Louisville for YEARS? Giving all law enforcement a bad name. [C-J/AKN]

Here’s a big shocker, right? Louisville ranks high on a poverty list from the Brookings Institution. 54,721 people in extreme poverty tracts, an increase of 16,771. [WHAS11 & Brookings]

Food trucks won’t let their trust fund metro gubmint honchos rain on their parade and are having a thing tomorrow during the Trolley Hop. [Consuming Louisville]

Repair work is finally getting under way on the Sherman Minton bridge so people can stop freaking out for a few minutes. [WAVE3]

PNC is finally getting with the times and jumping on what the rest of the world requires: smart credit/debit cards. Naturally, the bank is spinning this as protecting their customers without mentioning it’s nearly required when traveling abroad these days. And your local business publication fell for the press release spin. [Business First]

The story about the woman who beat a guy to death with a baseball bat continues to get weirder and weirder. [WLKY]

7 thoughts on “Support Your Local Food Trucks & Ride A Bike

  1. David Whitlock should never be allowed to be armed! He has a history of theft, but was bailed out by momma and managed to have his record expunged. He is a loose cannon that should be recalled.

  2. Using a Gubernatorial function and lesson in religious tolerance as an attack on a person’s integrity smacks of desperation. If Gov. Beshear’s secure enough in his personal beliefs then it shouldn’t matter to anyone but him. Williams seems like (and looks like) a tool and he’s gonna get his comeuppance the day after Election Day.

  3. Wouldn’t someone have to think they’re gonna win to get their “comeuppance”?

    Pretty sure he’s known he’s gonna lose for quite a long time.

  4. Williams certain acts imperial enough, like he’s gonna win – but yes, I have to agree with you – he’s gotta know he’s gonna lose.

  5. I think the city’s deteriorating tree cover is a serious issue that needs to be addressed by city government. It has a direct effect on the environment and Louisville’ s quality of life/marketability especially in the urban areas. Whether or not the Mayor’s board will make a difference is up for debate.

  6. Alas, I hate to contemplate even more huge trees looming over our power wires & homes. The major “greening” of urban areas should be with many smaller trees – mostly ornamentals such as Redbud & Pear & Hawthorn (the thorny ones that keeps kids from swinging on their tender boughs) – and large shrub-types such as Serviceberry & the gorgeous, romantic Crape Myrtle. We don’t need a dense canopy that is more suitable for areas with underground electric & cable.

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