Remember Jerry Abramson’s Guy, Gilles Meloche?

You know, the ousted former director of Metro Animal Services? The guy who is crazier than a shithouse rat?

And Wayne Zelinsky? The now-former director of LMAS who had a sexytime side business that I uncovered to force Greg Fischer to fire his ass?

Turns out they’re both still costing the taxpayers mountains of cash:

Meloche’s confrontation with the O’Neills lacked all the elements required by LMCO §§ 91.073(A)-(B) and 91.074(D)—sections of an ordinance that Meloche claims he created—and was not reasonably calculated to apprise the O’Neills of the allegations against them or of the procedures available to present their objections. See United States v. Baker, 807 F.2d 1315, 1323-24 (6th Cir. 1986) (holding that notice was not constitutionally adequate where the clear-cut statutory procedures for notification were not followed); cf. Herrada v. City of Detroit, 275 F.3d 553, 557 (6th Cir. 2001) (holding that a parking citation provided adequate notice where it was “reasonably calculated to inform the vehicle owners of the allegations against them and the procedures available to obtain a hearing to contest the allegations”).

Furthermore, the circumstances as here alleged have an under-the-table, improper air about them. No one is accusing Meloche of personally pocketing the money for his own gain, but his confrontation with the O’Neills has the feel of a pseudo-shakedown that is not at all akin to a plea agreement, as the defendants would have us believe. If it were a plea agreement, what charges were the O’Neills pleading guilty to? At least as alleged, no notification was provided to the O’Neills and no record of this transaction, or of the alleged violations, was made with any court.

Meloche also threatened the O’Neills with the possibility of arrest if they did not accept his “deal.”

Click here (Warning: External PDF Link) to read the Sixth Circuit opinion.

Yep, their search and seizure was illegal.

Possibility City, indeed.

6 thoughts on “Remember Jerry Abramson’s Guy, Gilles Meloche?

  1. I do not blame the ACOs as I am sure they were doing what the were told to do. I really hope as this case goes forward the look hard st their training — or lack thereof.

  2. The case is remanded to the District Court to issue findings consistent with the Sixth Circuit Opinion. Slam dunk it is over- the Meloche/
    Zilensky sting operations using a scammed interpretation of a Class A Kennel are illegal. ALL of those victims (many of them poor, because Meloche believed that poor people from certain locations were according to witnesses “too poor and too dumb to sue him” ) . So here’s to you Gilles- big mistake- the Court reinstated the claims of trespass, conversion and outrage against you and your buddy Zilensky and found that the O’Neill’s Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments rights were violated under Section 1983 of the Federal Civil Rights Act. This case has huge National significance with respect to Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment claims and violations thereof. I hope the hundreds of victims of his stings raise up and demand their compensation for this outrage from Jerry’s change agent. This community owes Michael Merrick and Jon Fleischaker a huge debt of gratitude for taking this case to protect the civil rights of all residents of this “possibility city”.

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