Questions For Greg Fischer & Sadiqa Reynolds

Why, exactly, were more than 900 cats killed at Louisville Metro Animal Services without anyone bothering to contact rescuers or organizations that could help – like No Kill Louisville or the Kentucky Humane Society?

Why weren’t recognized fosters and adopters contacted?

Additionally… No Kill Louisville has filed a massive open records request at LMAS and we’re sure you’ll deny it because of its scope. That’s bogus. If you deny it, we’ll be submitting it as multiple requests. And if you don’t comply, expect a legal battle. You know we’ll put our money where our mouth is.

Because we’re done with your nastiness and ignorance. I (Jake) expect you’ll toss your typical responses out and that just won’t cut it. Time to put up or shut up.

Click here (WARNING: PDF Link) to read the request.

18 thoughts on “Questions For Greg Fischer & Sadiqa Reynolds

  1. They likely will deny it since it asks for information rather than documents – so if they do just ask for the documents that contain that info.

  2. I will gladly help to submit multiple request, however many ways are required to get the public information. I will do whatever it takes to help stop this senseless killing. How can they justify killing that many animals in a two month period. This just sickens me.

  3. While you are at it. Please ask for emails to and from HR to the folks that Sadiqa specifically targeted to get rid of in recent weeks. Any and all emails from Sadiqa to LMAS Director concerning employees, emails and all communication to and from the mayor and Ms. Sadiqa concerning LMAS. Any and all communication from Sadiqa and Mayor Fischer to HR concerning LMAS.
    One way or another, the info to bring LMAS to light is out there and while NKL and this site has done 99.9% of the work, somebody somewhere will follow this site’s lead and start looking into this clusterfuck. Hey Jim King heres yet another chance for you to do something but once again Im sure you’ll show the voters you are nothing more than a giant pussy. Karma gonna bite you, Fischer and Sadiqa in the ass for this mess. If karma won’t bite you in the ass, I sure hope to hell a dog does. Absolutely pathetic.

  4. How about a little video of the inside conditions and cat killings posted on You Tube. Bet Mayor Greg would pay attention then.

  5. Not sure what it says about this city when we already know – from experience – that it takes a major, embarrassing scandal to get Greg Fischer to do anything.

  6. Completely dumbfounded at the level of pathetic crap Fischer and this people have allowed to happen and continue to let happen.

    Thank you Jake for stepping up and taking them head on.

  7. Killing over 900 cats is awful. I wish none were killed. However, I’d want to know how many of them were strays vs. owner surrenders. If the bulk were cats that people just got tired of or whatever the BS excuse is, then they are just as much to blame as Fischer and Sadiqua. It’s not like those cats got to LMAS on their own.

    I’m pretty sure that no one with a pet will vote Fischer back in for another term.

  8. Jake is the only outlet that puts the real facts out on all of this!….If everyone cancelled their subscriptions to the C-J in protest of the slanted bullshit they report and print , maybe they would start putting the truth in perspective!

    Trouble is most people don’t think that the Courier-Journal has a tilted agenda, they think that they are obligated to be truthful., and take for granted what they put out there!

  9. “Owner surrenders” should not be totally demonized, because several “humane” reasons can account for this sad choice. Many owners, or relatives of owners, who feel compelled to make the surrender choice, probably think & hope that the pet will be adopted into a new loving home. It is hard, after decades of thinking that local animal services groups have the best welfare of the animals as their goal, for folks to comprehend that surrender is most often a death sentence. Internet or Facebook campaigns to the contrary fail to reach the MASSES who are faced with hard decisions.

  10. Has nothing to do with owner surrenders and everything to do with LMAS folks completely ignoring cats for months at a time.

    Every single one that rolls into the joint is essentially dead on arrival.

  11. When talking about the crap-shoot that is LMAS, intake can’t be ignored. Is LMAS ignoring cats & not promoting them? Yes, absolutely they are. No disagreement there. All I’m saying is that the high intake is a factor. It compounds an already dire situation.

    I have volunteered there, and have watched other volunteers & Staff tell people that their animal won’t make it out alive if they leave it at LMAS. I’ve heard those people also say, “I don’t care”. People are offered options and help to keep their animal out of the shelter. Some take it, some don’t. The bulk of people dropping off animals are the ones, that think “Oh, he’s a good dog or she’s a friendly cat… They’ll find homes” and then they leave them there; even though they were told the odds of their survival.

    The cats suffer the most because they don’t show well to the public, they get stressed & scared in the shelter environment, often get sick from URI and then that’s used as an excuse to kill them even though its treatable, and then there’s the high intake. There is simply more coming in than going out. 900 dead is inexcusable, period.

    The shelter needs to get their act together and the number of animals coming in needs to be reduced dramatically in order to see any lasting improvement (aside from the obvious need for funding).

    In regards to demonizing “owner surrenders”, I really don’t think there is a good excuse to dump any animal that isn’t aggressive or sick beyond help. A few exceptions being allergies, and military deployment. You don’t have to agree with me but I think there’s too much latitude for people dumping animals.

  12. Intake hasn’t increased, to my knowledge and according to current and former staffers.

    And those owner surrenders you see? That’s a microcosm of what LMAS takes in from everyday roundups on the street.

  13. EDUCATION. Widespread, hard-hitting education put out at least weekly to Louisville community, including viable immediate alternatives.
    15 yrs. ago if my aunt had to enter a nursing home – or if she died – and no relative or friend was able to take her cat, & with no response to a paid newspaper ad, I would have felt “surrender” was a last & BEST way to get the cat ADOPTED. If someone faced long-term hospitalization, or incarceration, or a forced move into an cat-free apartment – major life-changers – we would have thought it “humane” to resort to give the cat to KHS or “the pound,” when cyberspace options were unknown or limited.
    Maybe releasing or “abandoning” a cat, as too often done, is actually the more humane practice after all, if the general public is kept in the dark about the likelihood of death until they make the trek out to Manslick Rd…

  14. BTW – I have a 14+ year-old sweetheart cat that I adopted from Westport Rd. Animal Care 14+ yrs. ago. I have a formerly-feral cat that I watched out for over 4 yrs., still partly undomesticated, living in my living rm. – now for a yr. I also feed a (domesticated) stray that decided to camp out in my backyard about 4 mos. ago.
    Because of this story & forum discussion, I suddenly see the need to talk to my family – none of whom could adopt them – about how to seek homes for them should something happen to me – stressing that they should NOT consider LMAS no matter what!

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