No More Mass Killings At LMAS? About That

Greg Fischer, Justin Scally and Sadiqa Reynolds spend at least 50 hours per week claiming Louisville Metro Animal Services is quickly becoming a no-kill operation.

While there have been slight improvements (SLIGHT) in the number of euthanasias on occasion, next to nothing has changed in a year.

Let’s take a look at statistics from LMAS documents I obtained last week (documents, I might add, the Fischer Administration said didn’t exist). We’re comparing August and September 2010 numbers with the same months in 2011.

August 2010

  • 63% of all animals killed
  • 86% of cats killed
  • 35% of dogs killed
  • 5% of cats were adopted
  • 25% of dogs were adopted

August 2011

  • 53% of all animals killed
  • 74% of cats killed
  • 25% of dogs killed
  • 11% of cats adopted
  • 21% of dogs adopted

September 2010

  • 59% of all animals killed
  • 76% of cats killed
  • 45% of dogs killed
  • 8% of cats adopted
  • 24% of dogs adopted

September 2011

  • 58% of all animals killed
  • 80% of cats killed
  • 24% of dogs killed
  • 13% of cats adopted
  • 27% of dogs adopted

They’re lying to the press and to you when they say mass killings are no longer taking place. They most certainly are. They were taking place as Scally and Reynolds were on a media tour saying otherwise.

To give you a firm example of the number of animals we’re talking about… From August 1 through August 31 this year, 682 cats (532 killed) and 549 dogs (179 killed) were taken in at Metro Animal Services. From September 1 through September 30 this year, 507 cats (406 killed) and 346 dogs (136 killed) were taken in. The majority were put down by a single LMAS employee. One we wrote about last week who has a problem not following procedure when it comes to proper intake care. (Please note: Scally closed Manslick on September 11/12 to futher dog/puppy intakes unless sick, injured or aggressive – that’s why numbers dropped significantly.)

Possibility City has become More Of The Same City.

15 thoughts on “No More Mass Killings At LMAS? About That

  1. This makes me want to vomit and cry at the same time. What a sham of an administration. Thanks for keeping this top of mind Jake.

  2. I only wish the people that tell me they took their pet cat to LMAS to “get it a good home” or that tell me they took the happy and healthy cat that lives on their street that the neighbor feeds and has shelter for to LMAS because they “hated that it had to live outside and knew it would get adopted” would see these numbers. I think most people would not even believe these statistics had they not been provided by LMAS.

  3. My heart is breaking. I can’t even think of anything else to say right now. I’m crying and my heart is breaking for those animals.

    For fuck’s sake Mayor, what is wrong with you?!?! I know you read this site. You should be ashamed to allow this to happen. AND LIE ABOUT IT.

    I knew you were full of shit during your campaign at all the dog events. I KNEW IT.

    I didn’t vote for you. I don’t support you and your values are shit. SHIT!!!

    You, Sadiqa Reynolds and your new puppet, Justin Scally can all go pound sand.

  4. These numbers are mortifying, regardless, but the real numbers given actually come out to a far higher percentage–assuming the percentages are of total intake for that month. Or, are the firm numbers total deaths (including animals that had been onsite prior to that month), skewing them to higher percentages?

  5. I thought that the council had voted for a NO KILL resolution. Stupid me. Go to Nathan Winograd’s page and see that those communities who commit to NO KILL turn those numbers around in short order and most show a 90% save rate in a year or less. What new and innovative programs has our new Director instituted to save lives? What resources has he involved? Jake and others called this one right. Shelter cleaner but philosophy the same. Same s–t different day. So sad.

  6. The mayor should’ve let No Kill Louisville take over LMAS. Big dummy. The main reason I voted for the mayor is that he was gonna make it where animals would not be PTS unless they were vicious or sick.

  7. The mayor is a piece of shit. You can dress him up, feed him food, and take his picture, and he is still a major piece of shit. He is a fucking sociopath and liar. He is surrounded by souless, heartless, inhumane, leeches. BUT, all he has to do is go somewhere out in the community, smile, and have his pic posted on facebook, and people think he is the greatest ever. This kind of ignorance is what puts people like Mayor Carp in office. This is also what keeps them in office, because people don’t bother to learn what’s going on.. You are getting sodomized and you don’t even know it or care.

  8. WE need to stop whining and put our words into actions. Talk is getting nothing done. Our elected officials need to be continuously reminded they work for us. They need to be kept on their toes, and not given the freedom to take their elected positions for granted.

  9. You can’t do much more than take legal action.

    Jim King won’t listen.

    Greg Fischer’s a goddamn numb nuts.

    Sadiqa’s a spiteful thing.

    Poor Justin Scally’s been thrown into the ring without know what it was in for.

    There’s literally nothing you can do other than continue talking. Or take legal action.

  10. Let’s not forget that during the shut down is when the mass murder went down. The kept everyone out and killed the masses. The place went from overrun to nearly empty during that time.

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