Maybe Fischer Should Save That $100,000 Per Year

Take a look at what’s happening with an animal shelter in Franklin County and ask yourself why Greg Fischer can’t grow a set of balls to get things done in Louisville. [WKYT]

Have you anti-mountaintop removal types taken note of this guy running for congress in Tennessee? He’s the lead sponsor of a state senate bill to kill the practice. You well-moneyed types should look more closely. [Click the Clicky]

How long will it take Steve Beshear’s law firm to hit back now that Mike O’Connell has sued the University of Louisville over the proposed and silly hospital merger? [C-J/AKN]

We hear there’s a history of allowing perverts to act inappropriately at Trinity. There’s another individual likely to hit the news cycle in a few weeks who was actually just allowed to leave and move to another school to do the same damn thing again. [WAVE3]

Is a director of sustainability necessary and worth $100,000 per year? Especially when Metro Government can’t even afford to feed the animals it houses at its shelter? Or should Greg Fischer just push and educate the entire administration to act responsibly and sustainably? You can’t solve everything with a new committee and a rainbow. [WFPL]

There are all kinds of holiday things going down this weekend to keep you occupied. [Consuming Louisville]

The Louisville Orchestra is seeking musicians on Craigslist. The place where people go to find apartments and back alley handjobs. Keeping it classy, Louisville. [FOX41]

Lexington may renovate Rupp Arena instead of building a new facility because the University of Kentucky’s needs would still be met and costs would be quite a bit less. [H-L]

You know, karma is a real bitch. Especially for the corrupt folks at Greater Clark County who pushed to hire Stephen Daeschner. Now they can’t afford him and he’s causing problems galore. Were Francene still alive, she’d be all over this. [WHAS11]

You won’t be surprised to hear that Louisville is among the markets losing businesses during the recession. [Business First]

Louisville and Frankfort are apparently fighting like tigers and bears over whether or not people should get to have contact with circus critters. [WLKY]

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