Horse Slaughtering Stories Make You Feel Great

Here’s hoping you’ve figured out that there’s more to the story at the University of Kentucky. Take a look at the real reason trustees are nervous. Pay attention to what faculty think of administrators. [Page One Here & Here]

John Timmons explained why his legendary music store closed down. Without bothering to mention a refusal to adapt to the market and an unchanging business strategy that hemorrhaged cash. Sucks to talk about things that aren’t pretty in Louisville, though.  [WFPL]

Here’s a story about thoroughbred slaughtering that will start your morning off just right. [WLKY]

Steve Beshear’s son (Hi, Andy! Thanks for trashing me all this year without having the guts to say it to my face) represents the Indian company seeking tax breaks from the state. You surprised? Of course you’re not. [John Cheves]

Just what the city needs right now – some fear-mongering about the Kennedy Bridge ramp. [FOX41]

Come on, county clerks. Charging $3.95 to use a debit card and 3% for credit card transactions? There’s ABSOLUTELY NO REASON the state can’t get a bulk processing contract that costs next to nothing. Crit Luallen clearly has no clue what she’s talking about. [C-J/AKN]

Does this story cause you to have a flashback to the time a baby was shot? LMPD shut down Broadway for 40 blocks to rush a baby to the hospital. It died. What a mess. [WAVE3]

Kentucky construction employment fell in October. But don’t worry, the industry is going to tell you that everything is puppies and rainbows. [Business First]

It’s so shocking that people smoke marijuana, isn’t it? So shocking, in fact, that some people can’t believe people would admit to smoking marijuana on YouTube. And, really, Adam Walser? Essentially linking pot with crack? What? None of us here smoke pot and even we found this story mind-numbingly silly.  [WHAS11]

Metro Animal Services insiders are coming out of the woodwork to talk about the agency’s problems and the silliness of Miss Sadiqa and Greg Fischer. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Nearly half of Americans lack economic security and many above the poverty line struggle to make ends meet. But they should just “get a job” to make things better, right? [Reuters]

We’ve heard a local Clear Channel radio personality use the term “uppity” in reference to non-whites on too many occasions to count. It’s only a matter of time til they start spewing it on-air. [Media Matters]

4 thoughts on “Horse Slaughtering Stories Make You Feel Great

  1. Speaking of the extra charges from the County Clerk’s office, I was getting my driver’s license renewed last week and DMV tried to charge me an extra $3 for my $20 renewal if I used a credit or debit card. That’s a 15% fee. That’s crazy.

  2. “From Nothing Comes Nothing”

    PR Man: “Sir, it looks like our university is dying.”

    University Honcho: “Did we win the basketball game last night? I had too much steak and wine while courting a lobbyist and fell to sleep early.”

    PR Man: “Sir, how do we avoid the public knowing that we are a facade of an academic institution?”

    University Honcho: “Did my new server and desk top arrive yet? Let’s have lunch at that new place that serves a great Hot Brown.”

    PR Man: “Sir, to put it bluntly, what are you paid to do exactly and how accountable are you for anything?”

    PR Man:

  3. Speaking of LMAS problems — Jackie Gulbe is on the teevee (WHAS) right now extolling the virtues of Yew Dell Gardens in Crestwood. Hope she doesn’t blindly let the flowers die.

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