Francene’s Common Sense Is Still Being Missed

No wonder Mandy Connell’s bosses (come on – that station is run by a bunch of gays – you know they dish often… they only love Terry Meiners for some reason…) constantly complain to us about missing Francene:

The link takes you to a National Review (haha) story about how global warming is a farce. Because, uh, facts and reality apparently don’t matter.

She’ll be in Louisville another year. Two tops. And we’re betting Clear Channel won’t even bother replacing her.

Meanwhile, big polluters are fighting like woah to prevent a new global agreement. Never mind that 2011 is tied for the tenth hottest year on record. Or that it only takes common sense to recognize the earth has an environmental problem or two on its hands.

19 thoughts on “Francene’s Common Sense Is Still Being Missed

  1. A few month back WHAS was running ads for the news that had sound alikes for Obama and Clinton discussing the economy. After hearing it a 2nd time, I went online, found every Clear Channel station that was saved on my radio and removed them. My life and blood pressure it much better for it.

  2. While I admit it’s tough not to judge people based on Francene’s, you know, awesomeness at everything… I still had individual and personal high hopes for Mandy’s show.

    This is frustrating.

  3. I didn’t always agree with Francene, but respected her opinion because she backed her opinions up with research and thought. I listened to Mandy Connell exactly twice, and then removed 840 from my presets.

  4. Each day between 9 & Noon, I still miss Francene. She loved our community. She did her research on each subject she discussed, be it politics, sports, etc. She always informed us what was happening both locally, nationally & internationally. I listened to Mandy probably 10 mins. total, and could not believe her biased opinion on any subject. WHAS used to be the go to station for our community, not today.

  5. What, you mean the WHAS commercial where they insert her name into an already shot commercial isn’t enough to make you think she’ll stay?

    Connell’s an embarrassment, but then, every move Clear Channel’s made in radio is an embarrassment. You can blame iPods, downloads, podcasts, and sat. radio, but the truth is that people will eventually reject a subpar product.

    WHAS was a local institution when I was growing up because it provided a service we all wanted from local talent that was able to be entertaining, thought provoking, or both. Clear Channel destroyed all of that.

    I suspect that within 10 years WHAS will be sold or will be completely syndicated.

  6. And it’s telling that you mention her “bosses” missing Francene. I assume that means that they are bosses in name only, with no real decision making power about what happens on WHAS.

  7. the best thing about francene is, and always will be is that she can no longer pollute the airwaves with her ass kissing, self serving ways

  8. Mandy is doing a great job as a Rush want to be. I agree, like so many other Clear Channel employees before her, they will get rid of her.

  9. I also like her rants about the main stream media doesn’t do . blah, blah, blah this or that but never talks about the mega media control across the US the Clear Channel stations have.

    She claims that no one owns her but my bet is she will never talk about Michael McCaul, the 2nd wealthies member of congress at $380 M and McCaul’s wife Linda is the daughter of Clear Channel Communications Chairman Lowry Mays and sister of Clear Channel CEO Mark Mays. She knows they would can her butt immeadiately

  10. Jake, how long was Francene in Louisville before she bought her house & firmly established property-tax-paying residency here?

  11. She started looking for a place immediately.

    Though, there’s nothing wrong with being a renter. Those dollars are still used to pay taxes. You can’t judge someone by whether or not they’re a homeowner.

  12. The whole lineup is ridiculous. Tony Cruse is the least articulate person I’ve ever heard. Mandy is a know nothing blowhard, Rush is… ugh, Terry Meiners has been doing the same schtick for thirty years now and the day ends with Mark Levin, the greatest blowhard (next to Rush). The only thing I can listen to is Lachlan McLean and when he’s not talking sports, he’s also a right wing dolt. Where do they get an audience?

  13. Also, Joe Elliott has taken a decidedly right turn at his new station. I guess that’s all we can expect here. I like to listen to NPR, but they do have some really boring stories. What are the alternatives if you’re a news junkie?

  14. Well, I love to have the radio on in the background when I work. Can’t listen through the computer. Guess I’m stuck with Jim Rome and Matt Jones.

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