Former JCPS Supe In Some Indiana Hot Water

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Of course Greg Fischer’s merger “task force” was a farce. You really expected otherwise? [WFPL]

Mark our words: this cost-cutting move by Gannett to use Facebook for commenting on all of its newspaper stories will end up costing the company millions more than they think they’re going to save. It’s also a silly, disastrous move on the front of giving up control of its product(s). It’ll be fun to watch this mess. This is another HUGE indication of financial meltdown. [C-J/AKN]

What do you think about Lexington’s mail sorting moving to Louisville? We smell a big ruh ro coming. [H-L]

Basically, it’s time to bend over and grab your ankles. You’re going to be subjected to non-stop news about flipping David Camm – again – if you bother to turn on your television. [FOX41]

If you can’t Dine Out for Life this Wednesday, then go ahead and support your favorite charity. [Dining Out for Life]

HAHAHA! Forgive us for nearly passing out from laughter. Stephen Daeschner may get his rear end handed to him by his new Southern Indiana school district. [WAVE3]

No, Kentucky isn’t tops in the nation for business as the Democrats (and sometimes Republicans) would have you believe. It’s merely 25th on the Forbes list. [Business First]

Sometimes Ron Crimm has good ideas. Sometimes he has bad ones that end up costing the state money. Like state-supplied signage for tattoo parlors. [WHAS11]

Maybe Representative Crimm can redeem himself by trying to stop wage theft from happening in Kentucky. [WFPL]

Don’t forget what’s really going down at Louisville Metro Animal Services. Even the overpaid and inexperienced director is letting the truth slip out. [The ‘Ville Voice]

Waterfront Park won’t have a skating rink but Jeffersonville’s got a temporary one. Who knew this was such a big deal? [WLKY]

4 thoughts on “Former JCPS Supe In Some Indiana Hot Water

  1. Terrible idea by the CJ. Not only do I NOT want all of my random Facebook friends knowing about every single comment I post on every CJ article, but my work blocks Facebook so I won’t even be able to comment on CJ articles via FB throughout most of the workday. Maybe they’ll change their mind after the backlash.

  2. Lexington also has a nice temporary skating rink downtown at the park. It’s a nice setting.

    Louisville went for the snowball park at the fairgrounds. That beyond imagination idea melted in mid November.

  3. The problem with attracting new industry was never that the city and county were separate entities. The problem was and still is busing. Until JCPS abandons student assignment programs that move kids across the county no business is going to move its employees here. Louisville has everything going for it except the its schools are likely to put your kids on a bus for two hrs and put them in a shitty school.

    Even so, the only tangible effect of merger was that Big Head Jerry got his job as mayor back. I may be cynical, but I fully believe that the only reason Gigantorhead pushed merger was so he could be mayor again. Every year since merger has seen a fiscal crisis and a budgetary shortfall, even before the economic downturn. Every year as seen a reduction in services.

    The goodoldboyism and corruption inherent in the Louisville political structure means that none of those trends are likely to reverse. Nashville and Indianapolis might have had success merging their governments but Louisville is just looking down a dark well of insolvency.

  4. Precisely. Many places do just wonderful with separate cities in one county, or at least, it isn’t a problem for attracting businesses. As it is now, all the high-job businesses seem to be going to Bullitt County. Merging did essentially nothing for Louisville and to be honest, that was precisely what I thought would be the case – as none of the purported reasons for it made a lick of sense. We were already merged in many important respects, under the old “city-county” compact which did a good job of assigning the lead to either the city or the county for those agencies that needed to be managed countywide, such as the libraries, parks and the health department. City public works already took care of traffic signals county-wide. The two primary police departments already worked together quite well when necessary – such as in narcotics. Other than creating a tremendously bloated county-wide council (we now have 26 rather than 15) I truly can’t think of anything that merged government HAS done!

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