Fine, Here Are My Thoughts On The Candidates

Several have asked me to post this, so, here you go. My thoughts on the candidates this year.


  • David Williams: Stupid for not managing his reputation for a decade. Offers solid ideas and an actual plan. Refuses to take political advice and that’s why he’s not going to get any further than his current office. He’s not a homophobe, despite allowing people like Frank Simon to co-opt him, the gays hate that I remind them of the legislation he’s personally killed because I bothered to try talking to he and Bob Stivers. What you see on television isn’t the same person you see off-screen. Needs to quit with the gambling hypocrisy but we all know gambling isn’t going to save this state. Richie Farmer: This man is literally an adult baby. All he does is eat candy all day, complain about not having the right candy when on the campaign trail (you know, the 5% of the time he’s bothered to show up) and the rest of the time he’s just cold wandering around lost. The only people who do less than Richie in a day are the folks Jerry Abramson has given jobs to.
  • Steve Beshear: May be the luckiest man alive to get two well-hated opponents in two consecutive elections. You already know he’s a do-nothing kind of guy who loves to give his friends lots of cushy cash-filled jobs. He’s afraid to say “gay” in public. He thinks making excuses for corruption is acceptable. He’s failed three times to get expanded gambling legislation passed. Ark Park. You know what the next four years will be like. It’ll be four years or trying to decide who we pick next. Jerry Abramson: Hello? Have you SEEN the shit storm this man created in Louisville? I’m not even going to get into it but there’s a reason he’s well-hated throughout the city.
  • Gatewood Galbraith: His best campaign yet. He has some good ideas. It’s a shame he never takes a breath while trying to explain them and always gets cast as the lunatic fringe. Dea Riley: Haha, really?

Auditor of Public Accounts

  • John Kemper: Wow. Two bankruptcies. Clearly not ready for prime time. Where the hell do Jesus and abortion fit into financial forensics?
  • Adam Edelen: We’ve not always been a fan and are always the first to question him and call him out. If he’s going to be a good auditor – and he has the ability to shine – he’ll need to investigate the living shit out of his friends and eschew partisanship for the next four years. Then he can run for re-election, create a strong legacy and run for Congress or something. Being governor won’t ever suit him. No matter what he believes. He needs to avoid the stagnation of that office and go for a real legacy.

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1 thought on “Fine, Here Are My Thoughts On The Candidates

  1. It’s pretty clear the bench on both sides is thin. Who and how do each party put the best candidates forward? Hollenbach sucks, Kemper is an embarrassment and Farmer is a booger everyone wants to wipe away. Do the party leaders need to go? Who are the next wave of electable candidates? Grimes is the only I see as legitimate. Adam E. needs to prove he can call out Beshear and others in his own party when wrong-doing occurs.

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