“Compassionate” Thing Is A White Wash, Right?

I have friends involved with this “Compassionate City” thing. Not entirely a bad idea. But it won’t be feasible until Greg Fischer is out of office. Even the people involved roll their eyes over it. What’s compassionate about what he’s not doing with Metro Animal Services? The way he allows Sadiqa and his trust fund staffers to attack people? Yep – complete compassion. [C-J/AKN]

Alison Lundergan Grimes FINALLY put the meemaw blooper video back online:

Here’s hoping Greg Fischer can get his ducks in a row long enough to name a chief of police that most of LMPD will be okay with. But you know he won’t. So why hold your breath? [FOX41]

We told you Kentucky has an advantage when it comes to organic farming. Young farmers are finding huge obstacles to getting started and Jamie Comer could ditch the teabaggers and find a way to make Kentucky hot. [NY Times]

Really? The editorial board is worried about the “downtown core”? All this hand-wringing because the new VA won’t be located downtown? While simultaneously trying to kill downtown with bridges and overhead roadways? [More C-J/AKN]

That crazy ass constable has got to go. This is getting more ridiculous as the days go by. Where is Greg Fischer on the matter? Where is the state legislature? Time to get rid of constables in Jefferson County. [WAVE3]

You should probably go to this NuLu thing on the 19th since the dang holiday swarm is beginning even earlier this year. [Consuming Louisville]

This is what Jerry Abramson is going to do until he tries running for Senate. While his wife spends all day as a lady of leisure, just cold buying coffee all day, constantly running into us and telling people she’s Jerry’s wife at every stop. [WHAS11]

Did you even know a protest was still taking place in Downtown Louisville? [WFPL]

Thank goodness you can’t get to Indiana because you’d probably just get killed in Jeffersonville. [WLKY]

Here’s Jim King’s opportunity to sack up and do something solid for food trucks and other small business owners in Louisville. [Business First]

9 thoughts on ““Compassionate” Thing Is A White Wash, Right?

  1. Worrying about downtown’s core as related to a hospital? How about the CJ stop the grandstanding regarding the merger and report the facts? Because you already have two dying hospitals down there who need this merger to be able to continue to serve this community.

  2. Thank you for pointing out the hypocrisy of the C-J position regarding the hospital and the downtown bridge project. The logical choice for the hospital would have been to cluster it with the other hospitals but Louisville can overcome the bad sighting of a Veterans hospital. What the city cannot overcome is building 100 year infrastructure that exclusively connects to a 1950s style elevated waterfront x-way on the city’s central business district riverfront, historical heart, and image defining gateway. There are ways to add another bridge downtown in a context sensitive way but the pathetic downtown ORBP will make Louisville unmarketable to the world and lead to over 100 years of economic and cultural stagnation. This epic mistake will pull the plug and reopen the brain drain in Louisville. The ultimate insult is that we will be paying tolls to fund this boondoggle downtown while simultaneously funding the opulent $795 million 1.4 mile, 4-lane luxury highway in Prospect. That’s almost $100,000 a foot, unbelievable.

  3. How do ice cream trucks operate on the streets? Do they have to undergo the same permit process and background check process that food truck vendors do?

  4. Stuno, and I think just the opposite, the very LAST thing we want to do is have all the hospitals clustered together, and next to a major n/s expressway that is loaded every day with haz-mat trucks. If you lose one because of a haz-mat, you’ll lose them all! Spread them out across the city to serve as redundant facilities. (Same logic has gotten us where we are today, two adjacent bridges and NO BACKUP.)

  5. Nova – yes, and that is the problem – those regulations are set up for ice cream trucks. For example, all vending must be done from inside the truck, there can only be one truck at a location at a time, they must move every 15 minutes or so, etc.

  6. If Louisville required all non-local haz-mat to bypass the city, like the vast majority of cities in the world, the risks would be minimal. For economic development reason and public transit accessibility the downtown location is the way to go.

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