22 thoughts on “Clue Why LMAS Communications Are Disastrous

  1. Awesome.

    Is this a business card, or letterhead from letters they’ve actually sent out?

    That’ll probably show up on one of those late-night talk shows.

  2. love the fancy job title. the mayor must have had the compensation people develop a new classification so Brosko’s inflated salary could be justified. “senior”? “special initiatives”? what a joke. who came up with this? obviously, not a world-class mayor or hr department!

  3. “Communitions” noun. An overpaid way of speaking in tongues about the gruesome warfare on animals unfortunate enough to land at LMAS.

  4. The odds are pretty good she did the misspellings.
    To get a business card in Metro, you click on a link in MetroNet, then select the template, and fill in the blanks. A few days later, a box of cards shows up – just like Christmas.
    There are also plenty of blank business cards for all the departments to use in case somebody gets fat fingers, and is too lazy to check their own handiwork.
    Think she messes up all the other little details because of this? I would.

  5. I think someone should send this to Jay Leno. Seriously. It should be pointed out to him that what she is trying to convey is that she is a Communications expert. PRICELESS!!!!

  6. Animal House hosted an event this past Saturday morning. Live band, face painting, Derby City Dogs Rescue, – yet few showed up for it. No news crews.

    Margret Brosko really earns those big bucks LMAS is paying her. Only not.

  7. I wonder how much of the taxpayer’s money will be spent producing new cards? We all know Fischy cant accept when Jacob is right and has the upper hand in reporting numerous miscues.

  8. I once got a scholarship offer from Eastern KY. As I was reading it, I noticed their letterhead had university misspelled.

  9. Come to Animal house and see how hard she works. We are in a new idea now that I belive will spread the word about our homeless animals and I am all in. She is using the staff and voleteers to help all of us come up with ideas we can afford to put the animals faces out to the public. The card is a typeo…..so !!! Come on in and go to work helping and not bitching about a card she did not print. Come in, volenteer and help, trashing helps not a single animal be saved.

  10. Pro-tip: This isn’t a free speech zone. Spinning is not welcome.

    90% of the commenters on these stories – including myself – are at Manslick and Animal House regularly. And we know you’re completely full of shit.

    Even casual readers of this website know you’re full of shit, as they’ve seen the proof – screenshots, emails, messages – where Margaret (and she DID print the cards, as a previous commenter explained) stifled communication and prevented volunteers.

    She may work hard at whatever she does but that doesn’t mean it’s good work. Just as I’m sure Greg Fischer works hard at getting photographed for the socialite rags. That doesn’t mean he’s good at his job.

  11. Hey Lorraine, everyone in Louisville knows there are homeless animals there. What needs to be communicated is that the animals are being cared for while there and the people in charge are capable of doing so.

  12. I give props to the volunteers and employees at LMAS who are actually trying to do something positive for the animals, including Lorraine. I was fortunate enough to have met her this past weekend at the Open House. She not only volunteers at the shelter, but also fosters.

    Several things did bother me at AH though. Not once did Justin even come to say hello to me or introduce himself. He spoke with the staff and few volunteers he knows. Don and Margaret did speak with me and both were very enthusiastic. I would have also expected Justin to be the primary speaker throughout the day, but he was not. Margaret was. Justin only spoke when thanking the staff, volunteers and rescues.

    On the way out, I overheard staff discussing a cat that apparently no one knew if it had been adopted or not, but it was no longer at AH. It baffles me how you can “lose” your inventory, which happens at the Manslick shelter too. Despite the shiny appearance of AH, it’s extremely difficult to find and problems still exist.

    By the way, I also work in communications and most companies do have you fill out a web form to order business cards – sometimes an admin will do it. So to get your own name and title misspelled is completely inexcusable considering what her position is.

  13. If LMAS leaders were so busy saving animals that they didn’t have time to proofread their business cards, that would be one thing. But they’re still killing like the Mayor never campaigned on going no kill, like the Council never passed a No Kill Resolution, like No Kill Louisville has stopped all advocacy for the No Kill Equation and just works with the shelter to provide direct care and is publicly silent about the continuing need for systemic change. Oh wait, NKL has done that. Louisville’s citizens get the government that they accept. Keep putting up with this sh*t, and you’ll forever get more and more of it.

    Austin, TX, which actually implemented the No Kill Equation at the same time Fischer could have done so, is now saving 95% of all animals at its open-admission shelter. Louisville, despite the hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to NKL, rescue groups, and LMAS, is still killing thousands.

  14. Yes AH did get a new sign, BUT you can still barely see it when approaching the building. Margaret said it was HUGE….well it is bigger than the old one but still not adequate.

    BTW Lorraine, Maggie only listens to people drinking the kool-aid, the very people who are covering for LMAS. And what is your excuse for the bad spelling? Too busy sucking up?

  15. I have no dog in this fight… All I can say is I kept up pretty close with the LMAS drama over the years.. Why not give this new crew in charge like a 6 month window to get things turned around.. Then if they have not changed anything bombs away on them… Just a thought from an outsider!

  16. Chris, it’s been four months with no change in the killing. Two more months is not going to change anything.

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