Chief Whitewasher Heading “Compassion” Stunt

On November 7, Greg Fischer gave this speech about making Louisville a more compassionate city.

Puppies and rainbows, right?

Yep, until you visit the Compassionate City website:

And read this:

Pursuing his goal of making Louisville an even more compassionate city, Mayor Greg Fischer has signed a resolution adopting the international “Charter for Compassion” – making Louisville the largest city behind Seattle to take this action. Louisville will also embark on a 10-year campaign for compassion which will be implemented by a new local group, the Partnership for a Compassionate Louisville. The Partnership will be co-chaired by Louisville attorney Tom Williams and Sadiqa Reynolds, Mayor Fischer’s chief of community building.

Mmmm hmmm. Putting Sadiqa Reynolds in charge of making Louisville compassionate.

“Compassion,” indeed. HAHAHA.

Let’s take a look at Sadiqa’s history of “compassion”…

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Absolutely hilarious that Greg put the woman who threatens Metro employees for telling the truth in charge of “compassion.” Even more hilarious is that this is the same woman who loves to trash and threaten ME for daring to shine a light on Metro Animal Services.

A few things are for certain: Greg is “compassionate” toward corrupt staffers until there’s an unbelievably embarrassing scandal, he’s “compassionate” when it comes to allowing the director of EMS to never show up for work and he’s even more “compassionate” about allowing the Parks director to drive his city-owned vehicle while drunk and on the taxpayer time… while getting to keep his job.

Being compassionate in Louisville does not include compassion for animals or Metro Animal Services employees. But does include a hot mess of hypocrisy.

9 thoughts on “Chief Whitewasher Heading “Compassion” Stunt

  1. She doesn’t limit her absence of compassion to MAS staff or animals. Staff in her other departments are treated horribly too

  2. “…making Louisville the largest city behind Seattle to take this action.”

    At the risk of sounding less than compassionate… whoa, that’s some crappy writing.

  3. How much longer are people going to allow this f***ing charade to continue. How fortunate for Mayor Carp Kentucky doesn’t give the citizens the right to recall elected officials.

  4. There comes a point where you just have to laugh.

    The Possibility City, where almost anything of any merit, from serviceable bridges to benevolent treatment of abandoned animals remains just that, a possibility. Where reams of unrealized pronouncements and forgotten City Council resolutions fill file cabinets in the basement of city hall. Where we now are called upon to celebrate the newest, shiny, astounding declaration: that we together embark on a ten-year mission to pursue the prestigious international Charter for Compassion, led by our visionary mayor and supervised by his trusted, caring and solicitous comrade…

    Okay, this is where you can really laugh. I mean, ROFL laugh. Laugh until your face turns scarlet and you are unable to gulp even the tiniest bit of air.

    Honestly, for comedic purposes, the only better choice would have been “Uncle Joe” Stalin, only he’s dead and doesn’t work for Greg.

  5. To mention Seattle and Louisville in the same breath is an insult to Seattle. They actually
    DO something there–see Sustainable Seattle.

  6. You are right, Jake. Now that I re-read that closing bit I have to agree that it was in bad taste, and I apologize for it. But doggone it, it’s just exasperating and exhausting confronting and then mentally processing all of the unbelievable stuff you report here. I think, strongly, that everyone who calls Louisville home deserves and has every right to expect a lot more — exponentially more — from the folks currently in positions of power, elected or otherwise.

  7. “Compassion Makes Every Day Like Christmas”

    Greg on compassion: “Citizens of Louisville need not be taught to be compassionate in any organized way. They have it in abundance–from how we treat our welfare queens on the West End, to how UofL makes us proud to foster sportsmanship even amid countless scandals, to how the Yum Yum Center makes compassion seem like an edible force for good. Our compassion charter will necessitate a 10-year campaign, but I think we can finish that job before then if we all stick together and chant ‘COMPASSION’ before going to bed and as we rise in the morning. We must visualize compassion throughout each and every day to make it truly ingrained in our collective psyche. If we do that, we can beat the hell out of Seattle.”

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