Maybe Metro Council Is Slowly Turning Crazy

Is Mary Woolridge as batshit crazy as Judy Green? Really? Alleging the appointment of Attica Scott was rigged? [WFPL]

Just a reminder about what’s going down with Cordish and Metro Government. You’ll likely not hear about it much elsewhere. [The ‘Ville Voice]

The editorial board (Hi, Keith!) once again proves its disconnection from reality by alleging that Jack Conway actually campaigned. The reality: Jack sat on his hands until the last week or so. That means Todd P’Pool lost to a guy who didn’t even campaign. And what the hell is with the sexist focus on Alison Lundergan Grimes? These folks need to have the guts to use their names when making shit up. [C-J/AKN]

When will Louisville’s/Kentucky’s mega wealthy residents step up to the plate and help struggling folks like Stephen King is doing in Maine? They can throw millions of dollars at the orchestra, the arts, parks but never consider the people who helped put them where they are. [HuffPo]

David Williams does have enough support to remain Senate President. But he needs to start prepping Jimmy Higdon to take over in a couple years. Higdon’s the best they’ve got and he’s not going to cave when it comes to doing the right thing. [H-L]

Metro Council is taking this rogue constable situation seriously and is meeting with the chief of police to put an end to his stupid practices. [FOX41]

Louisville has lost at least 23,000 private sector jobs in the last four years. But people continue to cheerlead for Jerry Abramson. [Business First]

LG&E is going to jack your energy bills up to the sky. So what does the company do? Goes on a whitewash spree trying to get outlets to do stories about how they’re working to improve services for customers. [WAVE3]

You’re more likely to get shot in the face at Walmart by an idiot with a gun than you are to get “spoofed.” But might as well go ahead and scare meemaw to death with the story. [WHAS11]

The owner of a daycare where a toddler died from swallowing a thumbtack is speaking to the media. [WLKY]

Sometimes Frankfort legislators do the right thing and this is one of those instances. You should encourage your local representation to follow suit. [Page One]

3 thoughts on “Maybe Metro Council Is Slowly Turning Crazy

  1. Mary is pissed that some lunatic didn’t get picked, I’m sure.

    Attica is one of the most competent people on the council at this moment. We’d be stupid to lose her.

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