Let’s Stop Pretending Those Bridges Will Get Built

Crumbling bridges’ $140 billion tab leaves business paying the price. You can thank your “leaders” in Kentucky and Indiana for that. [Bloomberg]

Today, John Yarmuth will lobby for the Louisville Zoo to get free polar bears. He’ll ask Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to allow displaced polar bears to be placed in accredited zoos. [Press Release]

Of course Jefferson County Public Schools should reorganize its central office. And maybe start firing about 50% of those people in that office building making more than $100,000 per year. [C-J/AKN]

Yes, we all want to melt our brains because Karen Sypher is “writing a book” while she serves out her time in prison. [WKYT]

Just deserts (no, not desserts)? Poor access to fresh food is a solvable health problem. That’s something we know a lot about in Louisville. [The Economist]

Lexington is freaking out about not having enough hotel rooms downtown (it has a downtown?). Probably should visit Louisville to see how to deal with that problem because we have far too many hotel rooms that cost too much for the average Kentuckian to use. [H-L]

It’s going to cost umpteen zillion dollars to restore the Whiskey Row buildings. [C-J/AKN]

Of course LG&E is defending its coal sludge processing plant. Of course it’s attacking facts and science. Of course Metro Government and Frankfort will defend it. [FOX41]

How hard is Greg Fischer’s staff working to try to keep the negative news about the Cordish failure out of the mainstream? We think that disaster should be paying for increased patrols. [WAVE3]

Papa John’s is reporting a jump in third quarter profits. Revenue rose to $305.7 million from $273.1 million a year ago. [Business First]

We’re really supposed to believe Robert White was aggressively recruited by Denver and that he had absolutely nothing to do with them finding out about his desire to leave? Pro-tip: Don’t say you’re staying in Louisville if you’re actually job shopping. [WHAS11]

Local LMPD officers are relieved that White is moving away from Louisville. [LMPD.com]

You’re likely familiar with the Catholic lobby in Louisville. What you may not know, though, is that it’s spending tons of cash in Frankfort every year. All stemming from a desire to control women, of course. [HuffPo]

10 thoughts on “Let’s Stop Pretending Those Bridges Will Get Built

  1. So, it’s okay for some idiot to have their own menagerie of rare endangered animals. but accredited zoos need special permission from the Department of the Interior?

  2. Well, I understand that. I just took ‘displaced’ to mean not in the wild. Like a private zoo or whatever.

    I tried to Google to find out more, but it pretty much pointed back to this post.

  3. Here’s what the Yarmuth release said:

    Rep. Yarmuth urges Secretary of the Interior Kenneth Salazar to allow displaced polar bears to be placed in accredited American zoological institutions, which includes the Louisville Zoo.

    I take that to mean the Louisville Zoo (and maybe others) have lobbied Yarmuth to push for this. So they can 1) get free animals and 2) rescue animals that do need help.

  4. They have every intention of selling a billion of bonds next summer to contractually lock Louisville into the economically disastrous downtown Ohio River Bridge Project. They are not worried that the vast majority of the public wants only the east end bridge, the project is undeniably regressive, the tolling scheme is fatally flawed, and no other city in the world is planning to do something so monumentally stupid.

  5. Do you have nothing else to do at your company than to complain and spin?

    Taking 15-20 minutes out of a week is hardly focusing on the polar bear.

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