This Wasn’t In Your Morning Newspaper, Louisville

You know what wasn’t mentioned in the morning paper?

First-quarter furloughs. And the fact that this is the fifth round since 2009.

Ruh ro:

This will be the fourth consecutive time they’ve fallen in the first quarter, suggesting the company is now locked in a cycle of early-year furloughs as it struggles to deal with continued revenue declines.

The move was disclosed by the chief executives of the U.S. Community Publishing newspaper division and the recently created Gannett Publishing Services, which handles printing and distribution. “The furloughs will impact most USCP and GPS employees. However there is a minimum salary level set for implementation,” Bob Dickey and Evan Ray said in a memo to employees.

The two divisions are believed to employ more than 20,000 of GCI’s more than 30,000 global workers.


But the latest round is certain to renew anger over multimillion-dollar bonuses to Dickey and other top executives in recent years, awards that have eaten into the furlough savings and drawn sharp criticism in the national press.

Dickey, for example, got paid $3.4 million last year, including a $600,000 cash bonus. His total compensation jumped from $1.9 million in 2009.

Just another move – like the latest with Facebook – to make it seem like they’re not hemorrhaging cash.

Some Filmmakers Making Louisville Proud Again

Check this out!

Jerome Hiler and Owsley Brown III are making Louisville proud again, as their film – Music Makes a City – gets some big attention from the BBC:

In 1948, a small, semi-professional orchestra in Louisville, Kentucky began a project to commission new works from contemporary composers. The architect of this venture was visionary civic leader Mayor Charles Farnsley who saw the orchestra as a chance to put Louisville on the map. In 1953 following its success, the orchestra received an unprecedented $400,000 Rockefeller Foundation grant to commission 52 compositions a year for three years – Elliott Carter, Virgil Thomson, Paul Hindemith, Heitor Villa-Lobos and Darius Milhaud were just some of those who took part. Later the new music concerts were broadcast around the world by Voice of America and Radio Free Europe.

Film directors Jerome Hiler and Owsley Brown III who have made a documentary about the project called Music Makes A City, talk to Tom about Louisville’s unique contribution to contemporary musical culture – in stark contrast to today as the orchestra is in the midst of industrial action.

We think that’s kind of a big deal.

And it’s why Louisville can have nice things.

Pro-tip: You should probably buy the DVD if you’re a lover of Louisville history. Or just check it out on KET, as it’s been airing lately.

Maybe Fischer Should Save That $100,000 Per Year

Take a look at what’s happening with an animal shelter in Franklin County and ask yourself why Greg Fischer can’t grow a set of balls to get things done in Louisville. [WKYT]

Have you anti-mountaintop removal types taken note of this guy running for congress in Tennessee? He’s the lead sponsor of a state senate bill to kill the practice. You well-moneyed types should look more closely. [Click the Clicky]

How long will it take Steve Beshear’s law firm to hit back now that Mike O’Connell has sued the University of Louisville over the proposed and silly hospital merger? [C-J/AKN]

We hear there’s a history of allowing perverts to act inappropriately at Trinity. There’s another individual likely to hit the news cycle in a few weeks who was actually just allowed to leave and move to another school to do the same damn thing again. [WAVE3]

Is a director of sustainability necessary and worth $100,000 per year? Especially when Metro Government can’t even afford to feed the animals it houses at its shelter? Or should Greg Fischer just push and educate the entire administration to act responsibly and sustainably? You can’t solve everything with a new committee and a rainbow. [WFPL]

There are all kinds of holiday things going down this weekend to keep you occupied. [Consuming Louisville]

The Louisville Orchestra is seeking musicians on Craigslist. The place where people go to find apartments and back alley handjobs. Keeping it classy, Louisville. [FOX41]

Lexington may renovate Rupp Arena instead of building a new facility because the University of Kentucky’s needs would still be met and costs would be quite a bit less. [H-L]

You know, karma is a real bitch. Especially for the corrupt folks at Greater Clark County who pushed to hire Stephen Daeschner. Now they can’t afford him and he’s causing problems galore. Were Francene still alive, she’d be all over this. [WHAS11]

You won’t be surprised to hear that Louisville is among the markets losing businesses during the recession. [Business First]

Louisville and Frankfort are apparently fighting like tigers and bears over whether or not people should get to have contact with circus critters. [WLKY]

More On Sexytime Herman Cain Ruining Everything

Really, how can you read this and not gag a little?

In her interview, Ms. White told Fox 5 News that Mr. Cain had showered her with gifts and flown her around the country to meet him at various engagements after they met in the late 1990s in Louisville, Ky., when Mr. Cain was president of the National Restaurant Association.

After that first meeting, Ms. White said, she and Mr. Cain had drinks, and he invited her back to his hotel room, where they planned their next meeting. It went on like this for years, she said, until Mr. Cain began to seriously consider the presidency. She said their sexual relationship ended about eight months ago.

Gonna need to take Lysol with you where ever you go just to be on the safe side.

Francene’s Common Sense Is Still Being Missed

No wonder Mandy Connell’s bosses (come on – that station is run by a bunch of gays – you know they dish often… they only love Terry Meiners for some reason…) constantly complain to us about missing Francene:

The link takes you to a National Review (haha) story about how global warming is a farce. Because, uh, facts and reality apparently don’t matter.

She’ll be in Louisville another year. Two tops. And we’re betting Clear Channel won’t even bother replacing her.

Meanwhile, big polluters are fighting like woah to prevent a new global agreement. Never mind that 2011 is tied for the tenth hottest year on record. Or that it only takes common sense to recognize the earth has an environmental problem or two on its hands.

Sexytime Herman Cain Has Tainted Our Great City

Greg Fischer is going to protect you from scary fireworks. Because there are clearly no other issues facing Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

Will Greg Fischer’s second “virtual town hall” on the Twitter and Fakebook be as much of a failure as his first? How quickly people forget. [WFPL]

Lexington is unhappy, to say the least, about a potential move of mail processing to Louisville. [H-L]

Yes, that’s right, Sexytime Herman Cain’s latest alleged shenanigans started in Louisville. A little too close to home for the crazy, folks. [Faux News]

Lots of misinformation is being spread about a proposed meth registry and Brent Yonts is making sure you don’t get snowed. [Page One]

Louisville: When are we going to get our shiz together and stop allowing young people to kill each other? [FOX41]

The only Queenie’s we know is the former Queenie’s Pizza on South Fourth Street. Which is now Windy City? Queenie’s was way more gay, for obvious reasons. [Consuming Louisville]

Kerry Johnson finally got indicted for stealing $100,000+ from the University of Louisville. This is, what, the millionth time this has happened at UofL and Jim Ramsey still hasn’t been held responsible? [WAVE3]

John Veitch finally got canned for failing to handle the Life at Ten situation better. Funny how that works. No one would have cared if animal advocates hadn’t raised concern. [Business First]

Will this finally be the end of busing? Teddy Gordon filed a motion with the Kentucky Supreme Court not to hear Jefferson County Public Schools’ objection to a recent appeal. [WHAS11]

John Schnatter is apparently now a “Hometown Hero” and his face will be gigantic and plastered on the side of a building downtown. [WLKY & Louisville Heroes]

Greg Fischer’s Metro Animal Services is a literal disaster. BOTH Gilles Meloch and Wayne Zelinsky were more open than these folks. Even the crazy dog show people will back me up on that front. But you’ll never get that sense from the mainstream that LMAS is a big deal and the issues will be completely ignored when the time for re-election nears. [The ‘Ville Voice]