Why Did Greg Fischer Show Up For THAT?

Seriously, why did Greg Fischer show up to the press conference for electronic domestic violence orders?

This is a function of the Circuit Court Clerk and has nothing to do with any office in Metro Government. One of the rare chances for David Nicholson’s hard working staff to get news exposure. And Greg showed up to act like he knew what was going on and took all the attention.

Since the sheriff serves these things, we’d expect John Aubrey to be present giving a talk. But. Uh. Really?

Greg’s staff cursed and slammed the telephone down when I questioned them. Because they could provide zero answers.

4 thoughts on “Why Did Greg Fischer Show Up For THAT?

  1. Excellent point, GF has absolutely nothing to do with the process. But then, a lot of people think that he is somehow “over” the Sheriff and the Circuit Court Clerk, and of course, he isn’t. In Jefferson County it doesn’t really speed up the process much, we already get them served extremely fast compared to other places, but every little bit helps.

  2. Blame goes to Chris Poynter. How many times did Happy Pants have little or nothing to do with the reason for a press conference, but how many times did he show up to subliminally take credit for it? Answer: nearly all the time.

  3. Make someone ask the question, Why did you show up? No one in metro government has anything to do with e orders. Just trying to steal someone elses thunder?
    What is it Mr. Mayor?

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