Uh, There Are Bigger Issues With Jerry Abramson

While liberals in Kentucky who fear David Williams because of shit they’ve been fed by Jonathan Miller through the years, they’re turning a complete blind eye to Jerry Abramson and his problems.

So, naturally, Williams released his latest ad (filmed months ago) that focuses on Abramson giving Carol Butler $85,000 to play pat-a-cake on Frankfort Avenue at her little book joint:

Unfortunately, this isn’t remotely the worst thing Abramson has done and will barely raise an eyebrow in Kentucky.

7 thoughts on “Uh, There Are Bigger Issues With Jerry Abramson

  1. Surely if Jerry Abramson was truly investigated as he should be, the accusations and charges for all the self serving underhanded actions & deals he did would make folks understand that he’s the absolute Worst person to vote for. It’s expected that the voter turnout this election will be at an All Time Low. So that’s actually a good thing, as whoever can get their supporters out to vote has fair chance of Victory.
    Abramson is a Horrible Choice!

  2. And a person who only got their position
    because they played basketball is more qualified?
    Not an Abramson fan but I’d vote for Farmer’s
    mustache over both.

  3. You realize there is NO job description, right? And that Jerry will have a full-time teaching job at Bellarmine?

    In this instance, the less corruption the better. And we all know Richie is literally too dumb to be as corrupt as Jerry.

  4. The choices in this election are appalling. Which one is truly the lesser of two evils? It’s really hard for me to decide. You have Beshear and Abramson with incompetence and corruption. On the other side, you have David Williams – ultra conservative who is proud of his oppressive religious views. I heard a commercial of his on the radio last night and it was a thinly veiled disguise of hate against pro-choice and gays. And you have Richie, who will likely continue to embarrass the state in multiple ways. Wow. How do you even pick between those stellar candidates? I’ve yet to find a politician who doesn’t disgust me in some way, shape or form.

  5. So all Farmer’s duties are signing gas pumps and making appearances at the fair ?
    The rest of the time must be spent on applying
    mustache wax.

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