This Is Why Kentucky Can’t Have Nice Things

In Louisville, there’s something taboo for the Democrats to discuss: buying the black vote. Because that’s truly what happens. You can rest assured that any time you see the name “Clarence Yancey” related to anything political, it’s because he’s buying up the vote with BBQ or by taking politicians that have never stepped foot in Louisville’s West End to various churches.


Guess Tom and Claudia Riner couldn’t get enough of the West End to turn out for Adam so he had to turn to Clarence.

And before anyone jumps in foaming at the mouth about racism? Save it. Because you know it’s true. This is how ever politician from Adam Edelen to Martha Layne Collins buys the black vote.

3 thoughts on “This Is Why Kentucky Can’t Have Nice Things

  1. Jack Conway was at St. Stephens last sunday. Don’t be fooled. They may try to buy our vote but we get something in return. It’s just not reported……trust me…..

  2. Heh. About that…

    Jack gives his privileged brother a two-day heads up on a drug raid.

    You think he’d do the same for anybody in the West End? Nah, of course not. Gotta keep the young black men locked up.

  3. Speaking of buying votes….If the west end was audited as to the registered voters that can actually vote and live in the precinct compared to what the actual turnout is ….someones going to jail.That’s an issue that seems to be a “HOT” potato that nobody wants to pat attention to?
    There’s been people walk those precincts ene to end not finding 25-50 registered voters within the precincts , and come election day! …300+ residents show up to vote. There needs to be audit of the west end precints, and a purging of the non residents registered , and the dead registered voters on the lists!

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