Things Haven’t Changed For Metro Animal Services

The RiverPark Place marina and housing project has secured financing and work on the project will resume. [C-J/AKN]

Despite the Metro Animal Services audit committee suggesting that this job be eliminated, LMAS is hiring for it. Imagine that. [Click the Clicky]

Darryl Owens wants to change how the legal system treats young children. [H-L]

Really? You still need a reason for why we think Mitch Daniels is a Jerry Abramson/Greg Fischer-style cheerleader? He had time to do this ridiculous interview but has done jack to help solve the bridge disaster that his state is responsible for. [Politico]

This has got to be one of the dumbest reasons ever for giving Greg Fischer props. Head – desk. [Consuming Louisville]

Dear Salvation Army: Maybe you could stop with your discriminatory practices and you’d have more funding available? [FOX41]

Just in case you needed more proof of the Greg Fischer-Editorial Board circle jerk? Here’s yet another instance of Fischer getting praise for something that’s an absolute disaster. [C-J/AKN]

We’d maybe be writing more about this “Occupy Louisville” bit if it weren’t the same old people attending every other protest. Sure, we support the mission. But come on. [WHAS11]

Yet another story about the Louisville Orchestra’s embarrassing disaster of fail. Let’s all bang our heads against a wall together. [Business First]

Voters in Hardin County realize that alcohol sales will increase tax revenue. And that it’s silly to prohibit sales when residents can drive five minutes away and make a purchase. Now the rest of the state needs to get with the program. [WLKY]

Don’t be surprised if, for some reason, Jack Conway loses his re-election bid. It will be because he’s done absolutely no campaigning. It could be 2010 all over again. [Page One]

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  1. But, Jake, there’s nothing for Daniels to sell! No toll road, no surplus buildings. Just his ego. If he could sell copies of his book at the foot of the bridge (all profits for himself, of course) he would!!

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