Some People Need To Get A Major Flipping Grip

We feel that you definitely need a reminder what about kind of overpaid shysters are running the state’s educational system. [Page One]

Really? November is King James version of the Bible Month? What the fuck kind of crack is Steve Beshear smoking? This is one of the most offensive things he’s done. Fucking pandering hack that the Democrats only love because he isn’t David Williams. Worse than promoting the goddamn Ark Park in front of an Orthodox Jewish crowd. [SoS]

We’ll be foaming at the mouth about this all week. Corrupt Keith Hall has been reprimanded and fined by the Legislative Branch Ethics Commission for being corrupt as all hell. To think this guy had the nerve to accuse everyone of lying about him. [H-L]

So the guy’s father is prominent, we get it. And we get that this is a domestic violence issue. But what does it have to do with his father? It’s not like this incident is getting covered up like the last. It’s not like Jerry Abramson covering up for his son. [C-J/AKN]

Accusing this girl of being a racist even AFTER seeing video and learning she didn’t say a word some asshat thought she said? Really? Calling the NAACP? This shit is out of control and people need a reality check. [FOX41]

No, WHAS, it’s not that she says she didn’t say the n-word. She didn’t say it. Watch the video. Jesus flipping christ. [WHAS11]

We’re pretty excited that yet another store is opening on East Market Street. But organic towels and eco-friendly bathroom accessories? You know what we’re thinking (it’s not good) and we’re fans of that sort of stuff. [Consuming Louisville]

Last night Steve Beshear said Louisville bridge construction would begin within a year. Louisville residents know that couldn’t be further from reality. We know those bridges aren’t getting built. [WAVE3]

Yep, this is what Greg Fischer spent your tax dollars on. He even held a press conference to promote it. [C-J/AKN]

Younger workers in Louisville are beginning to be happier but they’re still looking to leave. When will we stop this brain drain nightmare? Why are we ignoring this mega issue? [Business First]

Casino revenue and patrons dropped like flies when the Sherman Minton closed. Proof Kentuckians gamble like woah. [WLKY]

9 thoughts on “Some People Need To Get A Major Flipping Grip

  1. Ms. Allen should accuse WHAS of saying “The N Word” live on TV during her own telecast.
    At least it would be factually correct.

  2. I’m with Jake, people need to get a grip.
    What’s next? Are we now to have a list of words that might be misconstrued as other offensive words, and cannot be uttered in public for fear that someone might think they heard something else?
    Jeez…people out of work, bridges and roads in disrepair, protests abound, wars, murders, medical advances, economic stagnation, political pissing matches, elections, etc…and THIS makes the lead story?
    How about for a follow-up story they give these people hearing tests to see if their hearing is even reliable?

  3. I’ve listened to that clip several times. Sounds like she says “nigga”, and catches herself saying it at the same time. What does everyone else think she says?

  4. Re communicating yet another way with 311 and/or Metro Safe: If you want any assurance of registering a complaint with any hope of ANONYMITY, I think ONLINE is the only way to go. The online complainant must then use a fictitious name, address, phone number & email address. (The complaint or request can still be tracked online by means of Request Number & email address uses, even when email address is fake. Just write them down.) The police responded to a neighbor’s complaint – and then IDENTIFIED HER TO ME – when I questioned their activity in our alley. And I once overheard another neighbor say his ex-wife, who works for Metro Safe, TOLD HIM WHO complained about trash in his yard – & that he could therefore also find out who complained about trash in his neighbor’s yard…

  5. The way I see the Lindsay Allen comment, it is like the space shuttle in the painting. If you look for it hard enough, you’ll find it. The fact is, it’s not clear what she said or meant to say. What would the station have to gain my covering for her if indeed it was clear she said a slur on air? They can go out and find someone to replace her in about one minute. So they must feel that this would be completely out of character for her and accept her side of the story. To continue harping on such a trivial matter is just a waste of time that could be better spent fighting actual racism in the city.

  6. The terribly designed downtown ORBP will pull the plug and reopen the brain drain in Louisville. This epic mistake builds 100 year infrastructure that exclusively connects to a 1950s style elevated waterfront expressway on Louisville’s image defining gateway. Meanwhile in Prospect The ORBP builds a $795 million 3 mile 4-lane luxury highway that includes a $261 million tunnel and a 4-story cut in the hillside. Prevent the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century. Divide the project, not the community. Build the east end bridge and multiple local access bridges now. Save Louisville.

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