10 thoughts on “Rather Than Deal With Problems Facing Metro Govt

  1. It would be an unpleasant task…but what if local politicians made it a practice to show up at local businesses that were closing their doors ?
    Perhaps the aversion to not-so-happy photo ops would encourage them to do more to support existing local businesses?

  2. “Let’s Pray for Greg”

    I hope he never has to open any of these joints if they come to Louisville:
    The Beavers Gentleman’s Club
    She Bang Massage Parlor
    Humpers’ Hoppin’ Brew
    Blue Ball Lingerie Co.

  3. All these photos of Greg will be what gets him re-elected. The average person only sees him at all these photo ops and because of that think he is doing a great job. They don’t pay any real attention to what the problems are or what he isn’t doing to take care of things. He is a loser, but people like the pics and he knows it.

  4. Highlander, you always seem to have a common sense handle on the way things really are in this city, whats your take on why most people that have the ability to bring attention to the underdealings of Jerry and his regime have their heads stuck in the sand?…With all the crooked shit he has gotten away with , how is it nobody has called him out & cruicified him?

  5. ace hat: Louisville’s a nice place to live. Little is required of anyone, most offer nothing but their existence and the political leaders have always adopted the theory that was written about years ago when a writer described Louisville (in a book about
    American cities) as a city “that liked to leave well enough, alone.”

    There’s not a stitch of intensity in the entire place and no one wants to deliver the truth or implant the intensity – in order to continue to be acceptable in ‘polite company.’

    Unbelievably sad — and a city that’s going nowhere FAST.

  6. Fischy is out and about shaking hands collecting clips of himself in the phony real housewives voice tribune while his staff fuck-ups Louisville. Business consolidation is a mess, HR issues with LMAS and everything is still a giant cluster. Hope the moron enjoys the next 3 years because it’ll be his last in that office. In this Halloween season there is nothing more scary than knowing this moron and his staff continue to drive Louisville off a cliff.

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