MSD Firm Has A Massive State Govt Contract

Wondering what that stench is, Louisville?

How about the law firm under investigation or whatever for its shenanigans with MSD getting a gigantic contract from state government?

PON2 – 1000002422 – Transportation – Office of the Secretary – Zielke Law Firm, Pllc – Miscellaneous Professional Services – Personal Services Contracts-Legal – $200,000.00 – Jul 01, 2010 through Jun 30, 2012

Just thought we’d remind you how the current administrations in both Metro and State Governments operate. You’d think the Beshear crew would vet these sort of giant contracts before allowing them to be ripped apart by the public and you’d be wrong.

You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “MSD Firm Has A Massive State Govt Contract

  1. Uh, this is less about Jerry and more about the Beshear Administration.

    Zielke and Abramson aren’t exactly tight. But Zielke and Beshear’s folks are.

  2. I think that Crit ought to have an audit of the MSD if she hasn’t considered it already. She really has nothing to lose unless she thinks she can be elected to a higher office than she currently has. In my opinion, she’s actually one of the few people in state office that is actually honest. She might drop the ball once in a while but she’s not afraid to smash some toes that what is needed. Don’t expect Conway to do it and you sure won’t get no accountability from Beshear or even Fischer. Too many people covering their rear ends to get anything done.

    Not to mention having and MSD that is so far in debt for a city our size that its amazing. For an interesting parallel, look at the Sewerage District for Birmingham Alabama also known as Jefferson County, Alabama because they have a similar debt problem as Louisville does.

  3. If MSD expands to become the Mega sewer district for other counties in Kentucky, they won’t need to get permission to raise rates from our Metro Council. There won’t be enough hemorrhoid ointment to sooth the raw tooshies when Mega-MSD gets done with us then.

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