LMAS White Wash Under Way, Upset Employees

Really, Metro Animal Services employees? NOW you come to me because you desperately want my help? Three of you?

Funny how that works. You folks trashed me 24/7 – knew you were in the wrong – and it turns out each time we proved that with three major firings or “resignations.” And we continued to fight for you, exposing corrupt mess after corrupt mess.

Now you’ve gotten screwed by Greg Fischer and Miss Sadiqa (hi sweetie! bet you wish Nikki was here to fix this mess, too, but she’s not and I’m certainly not going away – so keep on trashing me for telling the TRUTH) and want my assistance.

You folks could have stopped this LMAS disaster years ago but sat on your hands.

Sure, you come to me because you know I’ll help you (and I will) but it’s interesting to see how this always plays out.

Note: Turns out Greg Fischer deleted that tweet a couple weeks ago because he wasn’t supposed to mention publicly that Sadiqa was letting critics go and replacing them. Interesting how that works, too.

P.S. Now I bet you see why I told you to be careful with that newspaper reporter. They tossed you guys under the bus and you’re long forgotten. And Miss Sadiqa isn’t your friend after all, is she? She’s just out to shut the critics up as the LMAS white washing is under way.

31 thoughts on “LMAS White Wash Under Way, Upset Employees

  1. I am so sorry the animals are at the mercy of the Fischer administration, the heartless, spineless, brainless Council, the Sadiqa/Scally/Robinson politburo, and the meek employees and timid animal lovers of Louisville. This is why Louisville continues to kill thousands of the 14,000 LMAS takes in annually while Austin is now saving 96% of the 23,000 animals it takes in. They were about even when Fischer took office, but Austin has displayed competence and commitment and is achieving what it set out to do. At every level, Louisville dithers.

  2. Just further proof that Greg Fischer is incompetent and so is Justin Scally, Sadiqa and the rest of the corrupt politically installed hacks.

  3. Sadiqa Reynolds comments to an LMAS volunteer of “You are either with us or against us” < perfectly clear now. Evidently Mayor Fischer & his lackey Sadiqa are worried & do not believe in transparency, accountability to the public.

    So what exactly are they trying to cover up & HIDE??

    I still want to know how Scally was hired over a more qualified candidate??

  4. Half of this crap has happened because people were snowed by Greg/decided to give in to his claims of going no-kill.

    I told them then it was a farce and explained why. Did they budge? Nope. But they sure do love admitting there’s a problem now.

    You get what you pay for.

  5. Maybe Scally is either related to someone in the administration and knows that he will do the usual song and dance or they’ve pretty much given him a free reign to do what he wants as long as he follows their rules. Besides, with their record of no accountability, its no wonder that they can’t do anything right. Its no longer Jerry’s Kids, although we’re left with his people but Greg runs it now and its no different than that it was before. Something isn’t right about the Scally candidacy for the first thing because here he was hired without real legitimate experience and at 26 years old when there were other candidates with much more experience. Which says that it was a political appointement rather than a real legitimate hire. Keep on talking about the issues and the unnecessary killing of animals not to mention the mismanagement of the LMAS for the past several years. Including all of the hires of Abramson, etc. Zelinsky, Gulbe, etc. Its all about covering the butt of the regime. Not about transparency in government or doing the right thing.

  6. wish i knew what this is all about but i guess i run in totally different circles and am not privy to your all’s info……. anyone tell me what happened now? or what is heard to have happened?? or just rehashing the hiring of Justin and others… There i go again…..sorry…..

  7. I didnt say anything positive or negative….just asking what this is about and what has happened.. i honestly do not know what has happened this week that you are writing about and would like to know….dont want to tell me, thats fine … but i hope you have noticed that i have not written anything lately even when there has been an article about MAS…. trying to stay positive all the time and trying not to insult you or anyone here…. if you do not want any comments that do not agree with your position on anything, thats fine…..just say so and i will be gone…….but my feeling is that to have a conversation about something there is usually 2 sides… just that often mine is different from yours…………

  8. OK, what’s with people not being allowed in? Are they mass Et-ing animals? Wouldn’t surprise me, as sad as it is.

  9. ashra2001: Then we’ll block you.

    You constantly spread bullshit, as you’re doing now, acting as if all is puppies and rainbows at Louisville Metro Animal Services.

    You’re worse than the bitch Greg put in charge of managing all of metro. Jesus fucking H.

  10. LMAS is the pit of hell. Even though I know that, I was still surprised to see when I was at Manslick a week or so ago that they were PAYING an employee to SIT OUTSIDE at the gate under a tent—to screen people that were trying to get in. While that woman was sitting out there, along with some other person, possibly another employee, there was no animal care employee in the actual shelter — only an ACO who for some reason was working at the desk and vaccinating a cat. The vet staff was also running around like insane people and were inexplicably understaffed.

    Scally expressed concern at one point in whatever bullshit quote it was about “appropriately” spending tax payer money on the “quarantine” of animals b/c of distemper (did you know that the “quarantine” space is literally a fucking warehouse right next to Animal House? A WAREHOUSE. Not that it’s any worse than the reeking disgusting “quarantine” space in the vet building at Manslick).

    I wonder what tax payers would think about paying good money for an employee to sit on their ass outside the fucking gate at Manslick.

    Oh, another thing. So there was one ACO in the shelter, one animal care guy that appeared right before I left, one vet, and two vet techs–to (not) take care of the hundreds of animals at the shelter. But there were FOUR women in the business office doing god knows what useless busy work (like cleaning out the paper shredder…). FOUR PEOPLE, not including the ones in the offices with closed doors. How the FUCK is that ok?

  11. One of those women in the business office was the new $60,000 per year communications director who doesn’t realize that you can’t send a press release five minutes before a press conference and expect people to show up.

    Oh, right, that’s part of it. It’s purposeful.

    This new crew is worse than Jackie Gulbe, Wayne Zelinsky and Gilles Meloche combined.

    I’m done giving them the benefit of the doubt.

  12. When the hiring of the Director became a flustercuck where the promises of transparency, community involvement, and commitment to No Kill were thrown in the trash, it is no surprise that we are in this mess where there is a clamp down on transparency and accountability. Seems that the other final candidate who has volumes of positive experience, awards and respect wasn’t willing to sell her soul. She didn’t want a second in command or spokesperson- she was used to doing that herself . Instead she wanted to hire a well known rescue person to head up coordinating rescues and fosters and transports to ensure that we move as many to new homes as possible. She wanted to hire a cat expert to enhance cat programs including rescue and TNR. She has developed many cutting edge programs and since this city failed to hire her (she heard that on the news) Brown Mackey has planned to build a training hospital on her property, she has been given a store front gratis in a mall to help place fosters and other animals, she has private parties presenting funding for an additional adoption facility, she took 12 people to Nathan Winograd’s program in Cincinnati and she is within a few months of becoming NO KILL to which she is committed. This does not take into account that she privately funded a SPOT type van that is out every weekend and has programs in place to temporarily house animals of homeless people and people who have to go to shelters or hospitals. She is beloved by her community and everyone who knows her loves and respects her including many animal people and veterinarians in this town. I suspect had she been hired we would have a new privately funded shelter in short order. So, I agree that this was a politically motivated appointment and for those of us who actively supported Mayor Fischer- we are sooooo disappointed.

  13. I was so optimistic, and ready to help. I volunteered more than 100 hours in just a few months–and that is nothing compared to many other volunteers who volunteer much more and have for many months and years.

    Where I used to live that much volunteering (more than 100 hours in an entire YEAR, not to mention a few months) was INCREDIBLE, rare, and greatly appreciated. But at LMAS? It is taken for granted, and in fact is SPIT upon. The amazing thing about Louisville is that there are so many volunteers down here who are extremely active—or were, at least, when it was “allowed” or tolerated.

    If only LMAS was some inconsequential organization (meaning, not dealing in life and death) where all the volunteers could just turn their back and let the scumbag “leadership” stew in their reeking mess. The problem is that the scumbag leadership has a death grip on thousands on living creatures.

    What is the answer?

  14. The answer: Stop hiring children and people who couldn’t wipe their butt without assistance.

    Yes, children. Even the people who are 40+

    But for jeebus sake… stop hiring people younger than me to run an entire agency that’s already a disaster.

  15. I think the “people who couldn’t wipe their butt without assistance” is the more important part. There are some kick ass incredible people out there who are under 30 (or near 30–or whatever the hell age) who could completely turn around LMAS. I know, because I have worked with them. Age doesn’t matter. Ignorance, arrogance, greed, and sheer fucking laziness is what is killing LMAS.

    All this shit with LMAS is making me HATE Louisville with a passion, which is unfortunate. To think that when I first moved here I was impressed with the stupid Louisville animal care ordinance. Riiiight…

  16. There are, indeed, people capable near my age.

    But we’re talking about Greg Fischer’s crew. The wrongly believe that their favorites are capable and more often than not, only the older folks they pick are capable.

    I feel like I’m a compassionate person and more than capable of running Metro Animal Services but even I shouldn’t be in that job. It needs someone with a lot of life experience. A lot.

  17. Greg Fischer is going to lose the next election and he can thank his handling of LMAS for that. His carefully selected “team” of knobheads will be out of jobs just as soon as this newest mess at Metro is out in the public. Yes, this new group appears to be worse than the last, only the excited hype about nothing (certainly not the adoption rate) and BS is louder and more repulsive than ever.

  18. Wait, have you ever met the voters in Louisville?

    They’ll re-elect him in a landslide. They love twisting their own nuts in a vice grip.

  19. But, Jaaaaake… I am a life-long registered Democrat (for 44 yrs.) who did NOT vote for Fischer. And I vote in every election, including primaries. So please don’t paint me with your cynical Louisville-voter brush.
    Now, which boot-lickers sided with F’s hiring of Scally? People who thought it was a “grand statement” to lure more yuppies to the ‘Ville, or into public service?

  20. I still would like specifics. What are they doing at the Manslick facility that no one is allowed to see? Does anyone know? Why are employees and volunteers not being allowed to see the animals? Are there any animals left to be seen or have they all been killed?

  21. Gtown: This past election was an anomaly. Usually, people vote blindly for the Democrat iin this town.

    YKN: They’re hiding everything they do.

  22. What “experience” has this new PI woman had? For some reason, and this seems to be a commonly held belief, anyone can just become a PIO -spokesperson, without training, experience, etc. It is a tremendously important position that done well, can be extremely beneficial to an agency. It isn’t just pushing out the party line, but should be part of a whole communications package. But they are hiring people that have zero clue how to do it properly!

  23. My point is – why keep hiring such unqualified people for these jobs? Surely the could find someone who at least has a clue how to do it? I understand “political hiring” but this is the position that can break you.

  24. The PIO came from Parks, she knows her business, but she also knows how to keep the paychecks coming in, so do not expect anything more than what she is told to do.

  25. Politicians are worse than whores. They have to be to get elected. Honest people wouldn’t compromise their integrity to the point needed to become a cog in the wheel of any political machine. There are no exceptions to this rule. Ever. At least prostitutes are up front about what they do for a living.

  26. Came from Parks, where she did what? And I agree with Jake, that is meaningless. She apparently doesn’t know how to be a PIO, which is more than just being a voice.

  27. She is doing doing what Sadiqua tells her to. They all are. That woman is cockblocking any attempt at substantial change in LMAS. She said “If you’re not with us, you’re against us”. So she’s apparantly against everyone in Louisville that cares about what happens to the animals at LMAS.

    Having met the the lady, Robinson?, I think she has a heart for the animals and keeps having her hands tied by that worthless waste of space that is Sadiqua Reynolds. For as many people that hate her guts, I’m surprised she hasn’t been assaulted (or worse) yet.

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