Honest Question: How’s There So Much Free Time?

Everybody in their right mind is super-excited that Genny’s Diner got bulldozed. And anybody who wants to let their inner fat kid (translation: us and everyone we know) run wild is super-excited that The Comfy Cow opened its new location on Frankfort Avenue yesterday:

What we don’t understand is why it was important for Greg Fischer to promote the opening, spend tons of time there and then spend additional time writing about it on Facebook and Twitter.

This isn’t to demonize Greg but a general WTF question. Because we thought everything was falling apart at the seams. Surprised there’s time for ice cream during the work day.

16 thoughts on “Honest Question: How’s There So Much Free Time?

  1. Opening a business symbolizes what rebuilding this economy is all about. Govt can’t rebuild the economy beyond fostering businesses to expand, open, build, etc…, so I don’t see anything wrong with celebrating success in a time when we need to encourage people to stay positive. In fact, this is one of the better things the Mayor could be doing. And why is it a problem to tweet and FB about it? I’m sure the business is thankful for the exposure, and again… the Mayor is probably hopeful that others will rise to the occasion.

    Ok, could the man be spending his time better? Sure. We could all be doing something better, but don’t hate on the man for promoting business and economy.

  2. But why this particular place, Z? When Homemade opens across the street, will Fischer spend a day there? I share Jake’s bafflement.

  3. @Talkfan. That I can not predict. I just hope that our local economy continues to grow and that our local government continues to aid and lend support where it can.

  4. Who said creating jobs and supporting a solid business environment was a bad thing? Certainly not me.

    But this city needs more than cheerleading and Greg Fischer PROMISED that when he was elected. Promised.

    The reality is? He had nothing to do with Comfy Cow opening this location. And he’s had nothing to do with Ford or anything else in the city. But he shows up just like Steve Beshear trying to take credit while the real problems pile up on his desk.

  5. When my world is falling apart, I can’t think of anything better than eating ice cream. Each day brings to Greg a new staff member deep in crap so I can see why he would hang out there.

  6. Let’s give the Comfy Cow people a lot of credit for saving that wonderful Queen Anne house
    that looked like it was doomed for the wrecking ball! With a little effort and cash we can save these old buildings for productive use.

  7. For the love of jeebus, not a single person has demonized Comfy Cow. Jeeeeeeesus H. Give it a rest. This is about GREG FISCHER.

    The home wasn’t headed for the wrecking ball – it was protected as an historic property. Otherwise Frank what’s-his-face would have completely burned it down one of the umpteen times he tried.

  8. So how much of the tax payers money did Tina divert from Metro Government to subsidize this place? Money that could have been used to create dozens of real jobs. How much money did WE spend to create a few ice cream server positions? Does she have a equity position in the business as rumored?

    How do these guys get away with making a mockery of historic preservation rules that everyone else is expected to follow? Who put the fix in on IPL?

    Who made the private decision that Comfy Cow gets the spot (because of the city financing) and no one else? That spot would have sold to a lot of bidders if the process had been fair and open. Maybe a restaurant that employed 30 adults instead of 10 kids part-time.

    Who thinks a ice cream store that maybe will do 300k per year in sales can service that overhead of construction debt?

    Nothing against Comfy Cow but once again it shows how our city leaders squander our money and pretend they are doing us a favor.

  9. Pretty sure WE didn’t spend any money to subsidize the place.

    And anyone spending the money to fix that place up is a win-win.

    The Homomade Ice Cream & Pie Fattening Station will give them a solid run for their money. That’s where I’ll be going to engorge on chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake and… wait for it… coconut ice cream. MMMMMMMMMMM. Also, that may be where I go to pass out after consuming gluten and too much sugar.

  10. Comfy Cow BOUGHT THE PROPERTY from Frank Feris after he offered it free and no one took him up on it. They are going to use it as their base of operations, so I think the “10 kids part time” argument is not valid. BTW, very few restaurants employ “30 adults” full time, I was in that business for many years.

  11. I agree that the comments about Fischer are justified….WTF if he can attend the opening of a Ice Cream Store….why can’t he show up at LMAS and have a look see there and give us some tweets about that!….just sayin!

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