HAHA! You Thought Louisville Wasn’t Screwed

Here’s the headline: Bridge planners assuming higher tolls on East End bridge.

And here is the juice:

Drivers crossing an East End bridge would pay a higher toll than those using a new downtown span, according to rates being used to prepare a plan for financing the two-bridge effort.

The Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority is assuming that passenger vehicles would pay $1.50 every time they cross a new downtown bridge or the Kennedy Bridge. The same vehicles would pay $2 to use an eastern span between Prospect and Utica, Ind.

Toll rates would be as high as $6 and $8 for tractor-trailers.

Possibility City!

7 thoughts on “HAHA! You Thought Louisville Wasn’t Screwed

  1. Nobody wants to pay tolls. But folks all over the country pay tolls for bridges and tunnels. I don’t think it is the end of the world.

  2. The higher toll on the east end bridge (as thought up by the Bridge Commission) is simply and yet another way to scuttle the bridges project. The reason for the East End bridge was to take the trailers and other ‘heavy users’ away from the downtown crossing. With higher tolls they’ll NEVER USE IT.

    When it gets to the point that the Bridges Commission ‘ostensibly’ formed to speed up the bridge building process is so dumb that they support a toll that will scuttle the East End Bridge — it becomes totally obvious that the ‘River Road Set’ and Mimi Sweets Runyan and the other mugdiwumps in River Fields have WON.

    So we can’t paint the bridges, we can’t build the bridges and we can’t repair the bridges and we can’t educate our public school children and we can’t merge hospitals without the local ‘athletic club’ getting paid $300mm, (when the taxpayers built the building) – what is it that we CAN DO.

    How about “act stupid” — we can SURE DO THAT —- (damn near daily).

  3. Ditto to “The Highlander’s” thoughts on scr#wing the East End Bridge for any semblance of normal usage. It ceases being either a convenience or a worthy alternative for most potential users.

  4. Tolls in theory are a good idea but the chosen tolling method, the priorities of the project that is being funded, and the anti-urban KY state legislators make this a complete and total boondoggle. The whole point of the east end bridge is to get traffic to bypass the city. If the tolls are higher in the east end than the downtown and the Sherman-Minton bridges it defeats the entire purpose of the project. Efficient traffic patterns will be distorted and the number of vehicles travelling the 3 mile 4-lane $795 million Prospect luxury highway and east end bridge will be minimized. Riverfields wins again. In theory KY and IN have $1.9 billion set aside for this project but that would require the notoriously backwards and anti-urban KY state Gov’t to continually authorize the state’s portion of the project’s budget. After the project is paid off the tolls will never be removed. The KY state legislators will not pay to maintain Louisville’s expensive highway maintenance bill. The main argument for tolls is that it requires the users to pay for this project, especially non-locals, but with the chosen tolling method of electronic picture capture tolling there is an approx. 50% collection rate on out of state plates. Toll rates of $1.50 and $2 are getting closer to realistic toll revenues needed to pay back the bonds but the article continues to float the $1 number for frequent commuters. That is completely unrealistic and the Bridges “Authority” knows it. They first floated the price at $3, despite their own study showing lower revenues at that rate, to prepare everyone for rates of approx. $2. After the more than expected public outcry they gutted $802 million from the downtown portion of the project and promised unrealistic toll rates of $1 and $2. They have begun slowly creeping those rates to a more realistic level. This priorities of the Ohio River Bridges project are undemocratic, economically detrimental, and socially unjust. In the only scientific poll ever done on a tolled downtown bridge >60% were opposed. Yet our city’s incompetent and regressive leadership continues to charge ahead with this epic boondoggle that will put our community in a financial ditch but more worrying pull the plug and reopen the brain drain in Louisville. We are tolling our citizen’s against their will to build 100 year infrastructure that exclusively connects to a 1950s style elevated waterfront expressway on the city’s image defining gateway. Meanwhile in Prospect we are building a $795 million 3 mile 4-lane luxury highway that includes a $261 million tunnel and a 4-story cut into the hillside. These warped priorities and the pathetic design on central business district’s riverfront are in direct conflict with the conventional wisdom among today’s urban planners, economic development experts, and highway engineers. This is truly the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century. Should our city’s incompetent and regressive leadership succeed in subverting democracy we will spend decades reminding Louisvillians and the world of our city’s unmarketable image defining gateway and the crime against common sense and democracy that is the Ohio River Bridges Project. Divide the project, not the community. Build the east end bridge now and multiple local-access bridges now. Save Louisville.

  5. The truckers won’t pay the tolls. They will get off I-65 onto the city streets, cross the 2nd street bridge then get back on I-65. More traffic downtown, More Pollution, More accidents.

  6. I’m an Indiana resident and from my understanding, Indiana actually has the money for the Bridges Project – it’s Kentucky that doesn’t. Considering that my spouse works in Louisville, thereby paying city/county taxes in Kentucky; we shop, eat and go out for entertainment in Louisville on a regular basis, thereby not only supporting those businesses but also paying Kentucky sales tax; and my Indiana state taxes have already been used to pay for Indiana’s portion of the project, why should we be forced to pay for Kentucky? Because in reality, it’ll primarily be Indiana residents, aside from truckers and such, who will be using the bridges and paying the tolls.

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