Going To The JCPS Assignment Plan Forum?

Dawn Simpson landed a $287,000 settlement for being sexually harassed at Metro Animal Services. [C-J/AKN]

Jerry Abramson went to Radcliff and played pat-a-cake with some folks who fell for his cheerleading. If they knew him, they’d be running away. [News-Enterprise]

It’s apparently a big deal that Greg Fischer doesn’t allow plastic water bottles in his office? That’s what he spends his time on instead of governing. [H-L]

Jack Conway has a massive conflict of interest when it comes to his University of Louisville Hospital merger opinion. His state-paid spokesperson is literally lying for him. [Page One]

If you try to ruin Louisville, you’ll need to pay a $668,000+ fine. That is good news. Just a shame they get off with a $7,700 fine for the May blast. [WLEX18]

Louisville is apparently one of the best communities for young people. Until they realize they want to move away ASAP. And so begins our brain drain issue. Again. [FOX41]

North End Cafe is opening a second location in the old Club Grotto. Will it suffer the typical second location doom of homogenization and suckage like most places? Here’s hoping not. [Consuming Louisville]

Jefferson County Public Schools is beginning Influenza immunizations for students. It’s only a matter of time until some mouth-breathers freak completely out. [WAVE3]

A group is looking at the Ohio River as a future freight route. History coming full-circle? [Business First]

This is your last chance to attend a form on the JCPS student assignment plan. Then JCPS has to get back to wasting taxpayer dollars in court. [WHAS11]

Road rage is apparently to blame for that deadly crash near Shelbyville on I-64. [WLKY]

The news operation at 84WHAS seems to have really fallen apart since the death of Francene. And we’re not just talking about the morning show that offers little of substance other than teabagging. [WHAS]

15 thoughts on “Going To The JCPS Assignment Plan Forum?

  1. Regarding the banning of bottled water, I am a huge fan and like that the mayor did this. It’s not like it took an amazing amount of resources and human capital to accomplish this. It is a step in the right direction. I hope that Louisville bans the use of plasstic bags and goes back to paper.

  2. The clicky for the 84WHAS story took me to a story on Joe Biden. BTW, that morning show you speak of, isn’t that the program on how “Kentucky is no Florida?”

  3. Mandy Connell. like her or not, cannot ever be accused of not being an issues heavyweight. She is the ONLY voice in local media with the guts to ask tough questions of everyone. She does has a viewpoint. So do you. Get over it.

  4. Who said she didn’t?

    And she’s hardly the only voice in local media asking tough questions. That’s bogus.

    I’ll list a few: Phillip Bailey, Gabe Bullard, Dan Klepal, Bennett Haeberle, Debby Yetter, Joe Elliott.

  5. Mandy is the male version of Rush. Rant, rant, rant. Swear here and there but short on ideas. Oh, and an occassional “when I lived in Florida”. One can only take so much but when that raspy voice gets to bitching and raving, I have to change the channel.

  6. So, I can’t bring in a bottle of water, and you don’t have a ready place for me to refill my reusable bottle, now what? Hydration stations are not regular water fountains, in most regular fountains you can’t get the bottle at the correct angle to actually refill it. The response from Fischer’s office was pretty flip, given the location of the fountains in Metro Hall.

  7. I wonder how the world existed before plastic bottles. Life must have just been plain aweful by not having access to items that were only used for the matter of minutes made from and packaged out of things that take billions of years to be absorbed back into the earth…oh, wait, there weren’t floating islands made of pop bottles and plastic bags in the Pacific or mountains of trash we call land-fills.

  8. Mandy is ok. she could be much better media figure if she would learn to be more personable. Spend a little time talking about human interest stories.

  9. WHAS’ news has been on the downward spiral for years since Clear Channel got the go ahead during deregulation to buy up whole markets and turn them from local into syndicated crap.

    WHAS used to do several minutes of local news reporting each day with original feature stories and more. Now they’re essentially a rip and read news organization with only a few anchors and reporters to fill in some slots during programming that’s about 85% atrocious.

    If you need some clue about WHAS’ news department, listen to their new promos that appear intent on mocking Obama. That never would have happened back in the days when news mattered at the station.

    Of course, now the once great station can’t even be bothered to have a full time weather report during severe weather or even do a traffic report with information that isn’t 40 minutes old.

    The station is essentially a low watt station broadcasting at 50,000. Mandy Connell is a talentless publicity seeker who couldn’t carry the jock strap of the least of the WHAS talk show hosts from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

    There’s a reason NPR survives and thrives. It’s one of the few radio outlets that still does news and still pays more than 30 seconds worth of attention to local information. It’s sad that such a fine station as WHAS has gone from a Lexus to a Yugo in such a short period of time.

  10. we all know that Francene was the best news director WHAS ever had! Wait a minute, she WASNT the news director, she was a TALK show host! Thank God she is not around

  11. Brian, that was totally a disgusting post. Whether you liked her or not, being glad she is dead is appalling. She was a bright light and we miss her every day.

  12. I second Gordon’s post. Whomever Brian is he/she needs to contemplate the lasting memories and fondness that Francene engendered and then try to figure out how IN THE WORLD he/she can accomplish half as much in his/her remaining time on the planet.

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