Even More On The Greg Fischer-Food Truck Issue

From Louisville Street Food:

To all my fans: I have been telling everyone how Mayor Greg Fischer has been helping the food trucks and apparently I have had the wool pulled over my eyes. I was sent a copy of a press release last night that included a link to the new food truck ordinances and they didn’t take away from it, they left it the same and added to it. You would be appalled at everything thats required of me to run my simple, small, local business. Some of the requirements are:

1. Criminal Background and driving record checks on ALL my employees. (No other restaurant is required to do this)

2. $50 government vendor IDs for each employee I have that must be worn at all times in operation and said permits will NOT be issued if they have a criminal background. (No other restaurant is required to do this)

3. Drawn schematics, to scale, of every parking lot I sit in that show the location of the buildings, location of my truck, parking spaces, etc… and has to be labeled with distances. I could potentially go to 150+ locations a year.

4. Notarized written authorization to operate on that property from the actual property owner. (Sometimes these owners do not live in state)

These are the worst of them, there are many more that I really didn’t have a problem with. But in addition to commercial code plumbing on my truck and all the other floor plans, schematics, equipment lists, etc.. that I have to submit I now have to do something that no other local small business is required to do and thats have 10 year criminal background checks on every employee.

I have already been inspected 4 times in 6 months by the Health Department and never gotten less than a 94. Normal restaurants are inspected twice a year. I have been treated unfairly by the Health Department and other mobile food operations have been treated unfairly by the IPL. These ordinances went into effect 5 days ago and they kill every mobile food operation that you all are fans of. They END our business until we can get compliant.

Seems people are finally waking up. Just much later than when I tried to wake them up.

It’s almost as if people wanted to believe the hype rather than look at his years-long history of behavior and action.

This is what happens when you take Greg Fischer at his word and poo-poo the people questioning him and raising concerns: you get screwed.

Again, this is a perfect opportunity for Jim King to step in and show actual leadership and business acumen. Unfortunately, we all know that’s not going to happen.

And we wonder why there’s such a brain drain issue in Louisville.


84WHAS just fell for the spin:

New Rules Cut the Red Tape for Food Trucks


The new rules are already in effect. Mayor Fischer says not only does he want to encourage entrepreneurs, but food trucks add an element of energy to the street.


12 thoughts on “Even More On The Greg Fischer-Food Truck Issue

  1. In between work, I’m trying to figure it out. The ordinance doesn’t mention a lot of the stuff, and it just passed on the 14 – do they actually HAVE regulations that make all these silly requirements already?

    And apparently council members don’t even understand how their own areas are zoned. The ordinance would require them to trot around and check on the zoning of every location within the relevant parking spot – that would be a full time job in itself!

  2. Finding the zoning is easy. There are interactive maps for zoning, etc. for Jefferson County at Lojic.org. Well, ‘easy’ as long as you have an internet connection. It would be really anal to require it, though

    “Drawn schematics – to scale… ” That’s not so easy, nor is it cheap. And again… anal.

  3. You know this is just another example of the City being Uncooperative in fostering new BuSINESS!…Louisville needs stop the IDEA FESTIVAL & start LOOKING for a COMMON SENSE FESTIVAL!!…..Maybe then they could learn something?

  4. I think the City asked Cordish to consult on the food trucks, and they didn’t want them downtown because they would compete with their operations, and since they OWN the City, the Metro Council has to do what they want.

    What the “F”….how fucking lame is the Metro Council that they can’t see the value and effect & uniqueness these creative trucks bring to the community streets. How how Lame these arrogant ,dumb,idiot Council members can get away with being so antiquated , as the rest of the country’s progressive cities pass us by!
    These council people are supposed to figure out how to CREATE opportunity is the scope of business!.. They could change every RULE in the book to accommodate the Cordish Crooks with special licensing, zoning, FREE money to develop, operate,promote , special security rules allowing POLICE to work on the licensed premises,and when it’s obvious their plan is failing, they give them more money to piss away.The City ,Jim King, and all the Councilmen just spit in the faces of everone in this city with such an overreaching, unreasonable response to a Great Idea to help our City Thrive! They should all be VOTED OUT next election, and what’s needed is some,younger, intelligent, progressive , HONEST, Pro-Business people to take their place !
    These Food Truck operators are a lot of Local people that are creative ,hard workers, with quality products!!….AND they are affordable!….not a $20.00 lunch !….they are convient,quick, delicious, attractive, and offer a variety!
    Fisher must be taking Dumb-Dumb pills? and then selling what he can’t take to the Metro Council.
    This is the same old Bullshit where they over-complicate the process to make it so overwhelming and difficult that the people they are trying to beat down just give up and go away. They want to make it so expensive to overcome what it takes to be compliant, it becomes unproductive.
    So ask your self why they dropped their drawers for Jerry & Cordish…..but they wanna stick it up the “you know what” of some small operators …. I fuckin Hate this City and the bullshit way it operates with absolutely a discriminatory attitude & posture.
    I think all food trucks should go down and circle the Mayors office ,plug up traffic, and have a “Park IN”
    None of the food booths at the waterfront, light up Louisville,and other city events have the same hurdles. GO FIGURE….They should get a GOOD Atty, and sue the pricks!

  5. Jim King isn’t going to step up and do shit! He or none of them know what the hell they are doing anyway, or they wouldn’t be making stupid moves like this. They are so used to getting away with shit like this it’s pathetic.

  6. I am just glad that EVERYTHING else important in this city has been discussed and fixed, ie jobs, bridges,homeless,etc, that we can focus on a stupid food truck fad that will not be around 2 years from now!

  7. Yeah, you’re right. We don’t spend tens of thousands of words per week on two websites discussing those very things. All we talk about is food trucks.

  8. Just saw what they posted on the City website – headline –

    New Food Truck Regulations Help Cut Red Tape

    Dear city website people – there ARE no new regulations, that is the problem. You have a new ordinance, NOT NEW REGULATIONS. Sheesh, do they not even know how this works?

    Law 101

    Legislative bodies (Metro Council) write ordinances. (General Assembly and Congress write statutes.)

    Executive bodies (in this case IPL) write regulations within the scope of the enabling ordinance or statute. They “flesh out” the ordinance or statute to make it work, add all the details, and in some cases, the red tape. But they cannot pass regulations without some rulemaking process, don’t know what that is for the city – and is why most enacted statutes/ordinances don’t take effect immediately, to give the executive agency time to actually create appropriate regs. I assume Louisville has an emergency regulatory process, but I don’t know what it is.

  9. I have been watching this issue as it has evolved, and I’ve been totally surprised at how little even the quoted elected officials seem to be ignorant of the process of how these laws come into being. A friend of mine uses the word “silos” to describe what I see happening. I don’t know (and would love to know) who was working with Metro Council to write the ordinance that passed on Oct 14. And I would love to know if those SAME people were the ones working with the Mayor’s Office in discussing regulations. But note – there have not yet been any new regulations at this point, the regulations that have raised such a furor are not NEW – they are the regulations that have been in play for years and were not designed with food trucks in mind so of course they don’t fit. But it sounds to me that IPL was working at cross-purposes by not having someone with just an iota of common sense get a handle on the whole issue.

    It sounds like they need a task force – which is legally a multi-disciplinary group that develops the law as a package, an enabling ordinance and supporting regulations.

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