Don’t Hold Your Breath For Greg Fischer To Act

Greg Fischer still won’t fire a city official after he was caught on camera drinking and driving a city-owned vehicle. What’s it take? Does he have to be Gilles Meloche? Does he have to run a prostitution ring on the side like like Meloche’s replacement? Does he have to bring a dog into work in a suitcase while drunk? Jesus H. [WAVE3]

Should we bother holding our breath for the mainstream media to take an interest in this KCTCS scandal that’s been going on for a few years? [Page One]

Ruh ro – looks like Caudill Seed could have a problem on its hands. Now that a former high-level employee is alleging tainted food was pushed to market. [Adam Walser]

Unlike some Louisville bloggers, we don’t take freebies or payoffs. We never accept anything for reviews. And when we do get goods (never for reviews or mentions), we give them to readers. We also don’t have a PR firm writing our stories and passing them off as legit. [Gawker]

Jefferson County Public Schools is asking the Kentucky Supreme Court to review its student assignment plan. [C-J/AKN]

Folks in Louisville typically don’t think of Lexington being worse than, you know, here. But maybe that’s changing with all the shootings? [WLEX18]

With Metro Council approving the local redistricting plan, who’ll be the first to freak out? [Press Release]

It’s been only a week since the repair contract for the Sherman Minton was awarded and people are apparently freaking out that construction hasn’t already begun. [FOX41]

There’s apparently another beer place opening up in Germantown. [Consuming Louisville]

This is why political robo-calling is ridiculous and should be outlawed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. [WHAS11]

Louisville’s unemployment rate rose to 10.3 percent in September and nobody is happy about it. When you consider all the folks that have just cold stopped looking for work/fallen off the unemployment rolls, you should be loosely anxious. [Business First]

It’s interesting that the local media harp on Robert White when his family gets into trouble. They never bothered when something happened with Jerry Abramson’s family, though. [WLKY]

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  1. The Four Pegs pub opening in Germantown is a case of “quality” rather than “quantity.” The new establishment is replacing a long-time bar that became obsolete. While our numbers aren’t actually increasing, our residents & visitors will welcome this new concept as a destination which will enrich our night life experiences.

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