Shocking Fischer Double Standard With Parks Guy

We get that a puppy was stolen from Sandy’s Pet Shop. We get that it was a live animal in need of a home. But spending news time on a story about it? When countless businesses lose more money from theft every day? The girl in the security footage could even be a minor. [WHAS11]

Dramatic evidence that the American dream is slipping further out of reach for far too many Americans, indeed. [Mother Jones]

Congressman John Yarmuth summed things up quite nicely yesterday. [Twitter]

Hilarious: One of Jane Driskell’s pals has been emailing us, telling us we have no clue what we’re talking about when it comes to Greg Fischer. HA! [Louisville Is Screwed]

Yep, Jerry Abramson’s past is being forever ignored by the mainstream media. The Democrats, who have hated him for years, are suddenly in love. [Page One]

It’s interesting watching FOX41 (still WDRB? no affiliate?) report on the WAVE3 Heitz situation without ever mention that station brought the story to life. [FOX41]

Jake’s kitchen leads people to believe he is 100% Indian so Diwali is something he’d want us to mention. [Consuming Louisville]

That’s leadership, transparency and change you can believe in. Here you go. It’s Greg Fischer. Defending his decision NOT to fire Mike Heitz for getting caught as he was about to drive his city vehicle after drinking. Even though he only stopped because he got caught. Told ya he didn’t have the courage to do the right thing. At least EMS – with its embarrassing leader – knows when to can people for bad behavior. [WAVE3]

Humana has apparently improved in Newsweek’s “green” rankings. Maybe more local companies should follow this lead. [Business First]

Call us heartless for not being surprised that daytime violence like this is occurring at a Cordish joint. [WHAS11]

How does your local Clear Channel affiliate cover the Occupy Wall Street protests? By saying they’re all rioting. [84WHAS]

Hope you trust your Metro Councilcritters. Because they’re redrawing council districts and will vote on the final map today. [WLKY]

A whopping 62% of Jefferson County Public Schools students receive assistance with meals. That’s more than food for thought. [C-J/AKN]

10 thoughts on “Shocking Fischer Double Standard With Parks Guy

  1. One of the employees of Economic Development (across from the Cathedral) was badly beaten in the passageway between the church and the garage – in the middle of the workday. That would be an interesting open records – all the calls for assault and robbery in that area. Problem is, they don’t have enough cops to police that area – the divisions are all at bare bones.

  2. There is no excuse for not firing Heitz immediately. Unless, of course, GF wants to say that any employee with a take home is free to drink alcoholic beverages and drive their car too.

  3. fischer’s problem with firing heitz is probably that heitz is good at his job – and it’s a tough job that may be difficult to fill with someone as good. taking away the car and suspending him without pay sends a clear enough message, AND it keeps a skilled director in place in a department that’s doing good work with limited budget.

    firing heitz would set an example, yes, and send a hard-line message, yes, but the loss would hit the parks department as hard as it would heitz. is that what we want for our city? to undermine the operations of those who manage some of louisville’s greatest amenities?

  4. Sorry, that is the same BS they always give for not firing someone – Richmond and White come to mind. There are plenty of folks out there that could do the job, and do it well. He’s not super-special and if he left tomorrow, they’d fill the job. They are simply terrified at actually having to do a real, open search for a replacement for anyone.

    If any of his underlings (the folks who actually do the work) did what he did, they’d be gone, no questions asked. He knew that he was not allowed to drink anything and drive his city-owned vehicle. HE KNEW and arrogantly did it anyway. He needs to go, now.

  5. What with 4th Street Live and the old “Whiskey Row” Blue property on East Main and the Cordish Center yet to come — damn near everything we’ve built and/or re-built around here are bars (that sell a little food). Although we did run one bunch of bars out a block from Cordish’s (so Cordish could avoid competition).

    We make it around here, sell it around here, drink it around here at the local athletic club’s games at the Yum Grease Pit and Porta John’s Stadium and on the street at 4th Street — sounds like to me all you ‘drys’ are a wee bit short sighted and a little be prejudiced. So what if the parks guy gets honked at a honkey tonk? (I’ll get my tongue out of my cheek, shortly)

  6. Re Sandy’s Pet Shop theft — Sandy’s posted the photos on their own FB page seeking their patrons’ help. All the surrounding “community” FB pages re-posted it in an effort to help our local business. Then it was picked up by the many animal adoption agencies who belong to the neighborhood community pages. Next I heard it went “VIRAL.” So it was brought to the attention of local news stations, who had a good chance of helping with apprehension of the thieves shown rather clearly in the photos.

    BTW – I believe a lot of communities & their businesses are re-thinking events that capitalize on the serving or consumption of alcohol, after the unfortunate death that was recently associated with an alcohol-centric celebration.

  7. I watched the Sandy’s thing unfold. Folks at the store spent a few days pushing it to stations and reposting photos.

    The issue was raised on Sandy’s page about the girl potentially being a minor and I share the same concerns.

    My point, though, this being a live animal aside: theft is obviously bad. But this theft from Sandy’s is no worse than people stealing from Target or the local hardware store.

  8. To “jtt” – I don’t know whether Metro folks are “terrified” of doing open searches to replace our incompetent and/or scofflaw agency heads & board members, or IF THEY ARE JUST TOO LAZY.

    PS – If Target, Kroger, Oscar’s Hdwr., parking lots, UPS, etc. had clearer photos of perps, I would be in favor of news outlets daily showing their pictures. A pet peeve is most banks NOT releasing their “grainy” photos until days after the perp has a chance to get across town & into different clothing.

  9. my friend got pulled over for drinking & driving & he didn’t get the chance to say , OH !….i’m sorry!,,,,I made a bad decision, he went straight to jail, and he lost his Job!….and he has NO take home car.

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