Democrats Now Literally Get Away With Everything

You can love organized labor or you can hate it but keeping its contract negotiations with city government secret is about as corrupt as corrupt can get. But what do you expect from your Metro Council? Jim King gave $30,000 to the very people who assaulted him (Okay, one of them died). David Tandy signed away his right to tell the voters what was going on with Cordish. Tom Owen is afraid to stand up to Metro Animal Services. Tony Hyatt (I know, not elected) lost his shit when we dared suggest he get a raise. David Yates has turned into a church mouse. Vicki and Tina play non-stop pat-a-cake with Greg. [Dan Klepal]

We’re surprised Metro Government hasn’t tried some nonsense like this with Occupy Louisville protesters. [HuffPo]

According to Greg Fischer, work to restore the former Museum Plaza site will begin next week. [Twitter]

Whattya mean Jonathan Miller’s replacement – Lori Flanery – used her state government-issued iPad (why did taxpayers pay for THAT?) and email to push state employees to contribute to Steve Beshear’s campaign? Surely not! I mean, really, what do you expect from an administration that tries to defame its critics and questioners? She knew she was wrong at the time and admitted it. “Innocent mistake” after “innocent mistake.” [H-L]

That’s right – Old Dirty Judy got replaced by Attica Scott last night. District 1 finally has competent representation. [FOX41]

We told you he wasn’t going anywhere. The University of Louisville decided to extend Jim Ramsey’s contract through 2020. You don’t give up a sweet gig like that. He could be found in bed with a live boy and a dead girl and still keep his job. [C-J/AKN]

This weekend’s Midnights at the Baxter flick? The Masque of the Red Death. And you’re probably going to go see it. [Consuming Louisville]

Finally, people realize (we’re looking at you, Tina) realize permits are silly for Halloween decorations on Hillcrest Avenue. [WAVE3]

Plans for the former Colgate factory show distribution firms and condominiums. [Business First]

Campaign finance reports have finally rolled into the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance. [Dig In at Page One]

LMPD made a second arrest in a cold case murder that dates back to 2005. LMPD is why Louisville can have nice things. [WHAS11]

2 thoughts on “Democrats Now Literally Get Away With Everything

  1. Bought and paid for. The only thing transparent is how the unions own the Democratic Party. At least Jim King won’t have to send a snarky letter to Firefighter’s Union conplaining about them endorsing someone other than his daughter next election cycle.

    I don’t care is it’s a Republican or Democratic interest group, it is unbelievably pathetic that politicians can blatently give the taxpayers the middle finger to pander to donors and get away with it. Maybe I’ll get a scolding from Jim King to “be nice” like he gave Mandy Connell.

    What he meant was “be nice” and bend over so he can keep that financial and support gravy train rolling. This kind of crap is why our city and state continue lag behind many others.

  2. The exemption vote irritates me enough, that even as sort of swore off running for political office for a while, I’d almost consider running for City Council…if Jerry Miller wasn’t my councilman.

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