JCPS Almost As Bad As 4th St Live For Wasted $

Yes, we treated yesterday as a holiday that was established in honor of a genocidal maniac as an actual holiday. Why do you ask? We got all kinds of work done.

To the city employee who got drunk and parked their car inches away from our door on the sidewalk: Thanks. That was awesome. [Deep City Thoughts]

Many (read: most) of Steve Beshear’s 2007 campaign pledges remain undone. He didn’t balance the budget as he loves to bullshit, didn’t pass gambling, hasn’t solved the tax crisis, has pat-a-caked on education (save the spin, he’s done jack shit), nearly killed elder abuse legislation, hasn’t created jobs and continues to ignore the real problems of this state. [John Cheves]

Greg Fischer’s paid government staff are out defending River Fields and tossing blame to people like me. Imagine that. Your tax dollars at work. [We Get Comments]

Louisville could solve its planning and design woes by ditching all the shysters people like Greg Fischer continue to use to weigh the system down. [C-J/AKN]

While we’re at it, we could start axing these shysters installed by Jerry Abramson. Like Bud Schardein, who is the recipient of a fancy $200,000 taxpayer slush fund. What the fuck is wrong with this city?! [More C-J/AKN]

Last night Adam Edelen pointed out what a hypocrite teabagger John Kemper is. Two bankruptcies, lying, hypocrisy. And he hadn’t even paid his taxes. [Page One]

Metro Council is “likely” to select Judy Green’s replacement this week. Who do you think it’ll be? [Press Release]

This will certainly bring out all the nice people to downtown. Fourth Street Fail is turning into a real high-class joint. [WHAS11]

How excited are you that Jefferson County Public Schools will spend even more of your tax dollars appealing the student assignment plan ruling? [FOX41]

This place is like a heart attack and 15lbs of fat on a plate. But it is super-worth it. [Consuming Louisville]

Really, what’s the point of sinking thousands of dollars into religious billboards along I-65 while so many people are going hungry? [WAVE3]

The University of Louisville Board of Trustees is discussing Jimbo Ramsey’s contract extension. How many millions of your taxpayer dollars will he get? [Business First]

11 thoughts on “JCPS Almost As Bad As 4th St Live For Wasted $

  1. These headlines speak loudly — we’re living in a ‘failed city.’ A public school system that fails to educate its students. A city that wastes millions of dollars trying to keep up with the continuing loss of bars on 4th St. Live by finding even more bars to replace them. A faux university whose Board of Trustees (all political hacks) is getting ready to pay is prexy, Comb-over, another couple million to extend his tenure, despite his abysmal administrative record. A city that’s not deposed a SINGLE administrator abomination, yet, from the failed Happy Pants-Administration. And, apparently, a city who allows an employee (presumably a higher-up) to park on someone’s sidewalk w/out any public notice.

    Drumroll — please. Sounds like a Foster Brooks skit.

  2. The money JCPS will spend on the appeal is peanuts compared to what they waste every day in inflated salaries, people in Van Hoose who do nothing, and outdated processes that no business would get away with continuing. We need a new kind of model for the schools–a private/public partnership that puts the kids first.

  3. “Jeepers Creepers, JR Is Coming Back?”

    Contract extension for JR? He was supposed to RETIRE after this year! My God, more years with the laughingstock of US higher education? More time to make the UofL a more monumental academic disgrace? Even more emphasis on athletics over scholarship? More wasted money on adding needless administrators and attorneys for dubious lawsuits? More secrecy in how money is spent? More crass connections with churchmen and corporate hacks? Fight, you sleeping Board of Cadavers! Wake up and prove to one and all that we deserve to be called a “university.” But I admit I’m not counting on such an awakening.

  4. Sorry, Novena. You have as much chance of seeing needed change at U of L as I have of seeing it at JCPS.

  5. “Note from an Alabama Prison”

    I’m sure glad JR is staying on at the UofL. Once I’m outta here, maybe he’ll hire me again. After all, we got along really well; and he paid me more handsomely than any other dean of education in America. He also gave me free reign to do as I pleased. The UofL Board knows when it has a good man–someone who picks shrewd leaders (like myself) and lets them alone to get big grant money and control incompetent faculty and staff. Way to go, Jimbo!

  6. I’m 99% certain I’m going to run for the open JCPS board seat in my district in 2012. I certainly hope that while the board is pursuing their legal action they have one eye on a plan to make neighborhood schools workable.

    Currently JCPS’ schools are built around the notion of “choice”, which includes not just programs available, but of course the ability to ask for a better performing school than one that may be your “neighborhood” school.

    If JCPS is forced into a “neighborhood” concept, it’s going to have to take the time to figure out how this impacts the students already in the current system. Will elementary students be allowed to finish out their time at their assigned schools? Will magnet and special programs have to go away or be radically altered? Will there be enough schools in certain areas to be able to adequately assign a “neighborhood” school? What happens to kids and parents whose neighborhood school is currently a lousy school, especially if the current system allowed them the opportunity to move?

    Neighborhood schools are far from a fix for anything but transportation issues, and it’s quite possible that if those opposed to the assignment plan get their way, a new class of parents and students will soon replace them decrying the inequal education opportunities available under a neighborhood school system.

    Ultimately, we all should be fighting and asking for a system that provides our children education tailored to their level and prepares them for college or technical education. Our children deserve better than what they have now, regardless of whether that’s neighborhood schools or choice with an assignment plan.

  7. Rob Mattheu: I don’t know who you are, but I sincerely hope you will run. I’m also considering it. There are a lot of things that need ‘shaking up’ around here — but first in line is the School Board. Nothing like a good ‘housecleaning’ to get rid of a foul odor.

  8. PBR.are you Kidding me, It’s the same thing as Saddle Ridge, same identical model, It’ll be another one of the fabricated expensive redo’s like the S&SC.Gimme a F’ing break another Country joint that plays urban dance music ,the same shit Tengo,S&Sc, & Hotel all play the same junk.
    When the news says the places closing havent paid rent for almost two years??…why dosent the City Metro Council know that? And if they did why would they be giving additional free millions to these developers, Dosen’t that mean during the begining of the Arena Construction when the Mayor , Traughber,& Cordish were telling how great and successfull 4th Street was they were Liars!….WTF….Time for a real Audit of the last CHUNCK of free Millions Cordish got from Jerry & Traughber , what’s left & How was it spent ….does anyone have the balls to go Find Out?

  9. What’s up with Jim King, why can’t he use some of that BANKING knowledge and get something done?__why won’t HAL put his foot down, Or Kelly ,Everyon already knows that districts Councilman, David Tandy , has no guts to get to the details, he’s who covered it up for Jerry & Traughber last time? But what about NOW Greg Fisher?? You OWE it to the Taxpayers to look at this . God knows the C-J won’t! Time to OUT the CROOKS!

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