This Is Why Kentucky Can’t Have Nice Things

In Louisville, there’s something taboo for the Democrats to discuss: buying the black vote. Because that’s truly what happens. You can rest assured that any time you see the name “Clarence Yancey” related to anything political, it’s because he’s buying up the vote with BBQ or by taking politicians that have never stepped foot in Louisville’s West End to various churches.


Guess Tom and Claudia Riner couldn’t get enough of the West End to turn out for Adam so he had to turn to Clarence.

And before anyone jumps in foaming at the mouth about racism? Save it. Because you know it’s true. This is how ever politician from Adam Edelen to Martha Layne Collins buys the black vote.

Won’t Bode Well For Fischer Re-Election Attempt

Buried deep in this story about the Louisville Orchestra was this tidbit:

In an effort to bring the parties together, Mayor Greg Fischer met with both parties Friday afternoon, Fischer spokesman Chris Poynter said. “He wanted to hear where things stood, since the Monday deadline was looming,” Poynter said, adding that Fischer encouraged the two sides to keep talking.

That’s right — Greg Fischer has time to meet regarding the orchestra but has no time to fire his drunken Parks director, no time to deal with Metro Animal Services, no time to handle his MIA EMS director. Guess it’s tough taking time out of his day of showing up at various ribbon cuttings so we can appear in the weekly socialite rags.

The man truly is existing solely to give us crap to write about. Wow.

P.S. Really, a salary of $925 per WEEK? That’s more than most Louisvillians make each week. No wonder the local Orchestra is a disaster.

LMAS, EMS, MSD, Parks, What’s Next For Greg?

Everybody and their mother is emailing us about ear X-tacy’s abrupt closure or whatever went down. It sucks when a local business fails, for sure. But it’s nearly 2012 and you can’t expect a business to survive if it cannot adapt to the market. [Sometimes Things Suck]

Now that Robert White’s been shown the door, who will Greg Fischer select? Do you have high hopes? Is it worth holding your breath? We wish LMPD officers could have a say in the matter.  [WFPL]

It’s been a year and Sullivan student Andrew Compton’s body is still missing. It’s a shame for this community that people like him are typically forgotten. [FOX41]

A discussion about art and quilts sounds like the most mind-numbing thing ever, right? Especially at 9:30 A.M. on a Saturday? Yep. But this one at The Green Building is likely going to be quite enjoyable. [Consuming Louisville]

Remember when that crazy guy poured 15 buckets of asphalt on the steps of the federal courthouse in 2006? Steps are being taken to prevent that from happening again. $800,000 worth of steps, that is. [WAVE3]

Ford got a fancy Moody’s credit rating upgrade. Thank goodness something in Kentucky isn’t completely falling apart. [Business First]

We’re torn between feeling relieved that Robert White is on his way out and sorry for the citizens of Denver. [WHAS11]

For the first time, voter registration in Jefferson County has surpassed the 500,000 mark. Too bad none of those folks will be voting on November 8. [C-J/AKN]

Child sex perverts are going high-tech, apparently, and this is a reason for everybody to freak out like woah. [H-L]

Maybe it’s time for you to take a look at the latest campaign finance numbers to roll out of Kentucky’s gubernatorial race. [Page One]

While everyone in Louisville is wetting their pants over the opening of Trader Joe’s, it’s probably a good idea for them to think with their heads for a minute. Maybe ask a few questions about why the store refuses to support a policy for tomato pickers that even McDonald’s and Yum! support. [More FOX41]

Your favorite mayoral clone, Greg Fischer, is still refusing to lead. And it’s been how many days since the latest scandal? [The ‘Ville Voice]

Don’t Hold Your Breath For Greg Fischer To Act

Greg Fischer still won’t fire a city official after he was caught on camera drinking and driving a city-owned vehicle. What’s it take? Does he have to be Gilles Meloche? Does he have to run a prostitution ring on the side like like Meloche’s replacement? Does he have to bring a dog into work in a suitcase while drunk? Jesus H. [WAVE3]

Should we bother holding our breath for the mainstream media to take an interest in this KCTCS scandal that’s been going on for a few years? [Page One]

Ruh ro – looks like Caudill Seed could have a problem on its hands. Now that a former high-level employee is alleging tainted food was pushed to market. [Adam Walser]

Unlike some Louisville bloggers, we don’t take freebies or payoffs. We never accept anything for reviews. And when we do get goods (never for reviews or mentions), we give them to readers. We also don’t have a PR firm writing our stories and passing them off as legit. [Gawker]

Jefferson County Public Schools is asking the Kentucky Supreme Court to review its student assignment plan. [C-J/AKN]

Folks in Louisville typically don’t think of Lexington being worse than, you know, here. But maybe that’s changing with all the shootings? [WLEX18]

With Metro Council approving the local redistricting plan, who’ll be the first to freak out? [Press Release]

It’s been only a week since the repair contract for the Sherman Minton was awarded and people are apparently freaking out that construction hasn’t already begun. [FOX41]

There’s apparently another beer place opening up in Germantown. [Consuming Louisville]

This is why political robo-calling is ridiculous and should be outlawed in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. [WHAS11]

Louisville’s unemployment rate rose to 10.3 percent in September and nobody is happy about it. When you consider all the folks that have just cold stopped looking for work/fallen off the unemployment rolls, you should be loosely anxious. [Business First]

It’s interesting that the local media harp on Robert White when his family gets into trouble. They never bothered when something happened with Jerry Abramson’s family, though. [WLKY]

Really? This Isn’t A Campaign Stunt For Jack?

By now, everyone has figured out that Jack Conway is only taking his prescription drug campaign stump speech to schools where the Democratic ticket happens to be visiting.

He stopped in Louisville yesterday and his paid-for-with-your-tax-dollars spokesperson spent all day getting the press to write about it:

And some still want to tell us this isn’t a re-election stunt.

We’re so sure the major push for press in Louisville had absolutely nothing to do with Rudy 9/11’s visit for Todd P’Pool. Nothing at all.

HAHA! You Thought Louisville Wasn’t Screwed

Here’s the headline: Bridge planners assuming higher tolls on East End bridge.

And here is the juice:

Drivers crossing an East End bridge would pay a higher toll than those using a new downtown span, according to rates being used to prepare a plan for financing the two-bridge effort.

The Louisville and Southern Indiana Bridges Authority is assuming that passenger vehicles would pay $1.50 every time they cross a new downtown bridge or the Kennedy Bridge. The same vehicles would pay $2 to use an eastern span between Prospect and Utica, Ind.

Toll rates would be as high as $6 and $8 for tractor-trailers.

Possibility City!