Ward-Pugh Elected VP Of The NFWL/NOWL

Metro Councilwoman Tina Ward-Pugh was elected Vice President of the National Foundation for Women Legislators. NFWL is the membership arm of the National Order of Women Legislators. It’s the country’s oldest organization dedicated to supporting female lawmakers.


“I am honored that my colleagues from across the nation have selected me for this esteemed position within the Foundation’s leadership. I look forward to building relationships with elected women across state lines and including them in the many important programs and initiatives that the National Foundation for Women Legislators offers,” stated Ward-Pugh. She has made a significant impact in Louisville, chairing a committee that revised the Louisville Metro Code of Ethics and sponsoring the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, creating a renewable fund that helps keep housing in Louisville affordable.

Two thumbs up for Tina? We think so.


Oh, is it worth mentioning that the NFWL is the psycho right-wing nutjob organization funded by the National Rifle Association and the Scientologists?

We hear they have their conferences in nice locations, though.

Sorry, forgot to mention that earlier.

Surely to goodness Tina knew better than to have Tony Hyatt promote something so bizarre.

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