6 thoughts on “Sometimes Funny Things Just Happen In Louisville

  1. I wonder if Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul still agree with McConnells comments last week calling Obamas call for more infrastructure spending in America, as a “failed stimulus”.
    If America does not spend money on infrastructure spending, then we should not complain when bridges like the Sherman Minton Bridge is closed and people have to take 4 times as long to get to work and small businesses suffer.
    We get what we deserve in this country. People who oppose infrastructure spending do not support you or your future. Wake up people!

  2. Yeah, I noticed this tweet. What’s Aaron’s point? He doesn’t want the CJ publishing their twitter feed? He wants them to screen it first? He just wants to be the guy that put a swear word on there?

    I don’t get it…

  3. I think it’s more a “learn the hard way” lesson of the dangers of slapping an un-moderated Twitter feed box on the front page of your website and letting it go without any apparent attention.

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