Part Of Jefferson Memorial Forest On State Registry

Today – thanks to cooperation between the Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission and Louisville Metro Parks – 2,472 acres of Jefferson Memorial Forest were placed on the Kentucky Register of Natural Areas (which, well, seems like all of Kentucky with the exception of Covington, the state’s armpit).

“The segment of the Jefferson Memorial Forest being recognized represents a maturing, high-quality forest,” said Don Dott, the commission’s executive director. “This site not only contains unique pockets of forests, but semi-open woodlands as well. A richly developed and older growth forest is represented by Headley Hollow. The trees are more mature here than in other parts of the forest, indicating that logging has not occurred in a very long time.”

A couple photos by John Nation, provided by Metro Parks:

“The registry designation is important because it draws attention to the common threats facing natural areas such as invasive plants and loss of critical habitat. The designation affirms the value of the Jefferson Memorial Forest for visitors and especially individuals who volunteer their time to help improve the ecological condition of the forest”, said Louisville Metro Parks administrator Bennett Knox.

This is why Louisville and Kentucky can have nice things.

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