Now River Fields Wants To Play The Role Of Victim

Greg Fischer couldn’t get them to come to town but John Yarmuth did: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood and FHWA Administrator Victor Mendez will visit the Sherman Minton on Friday. [Press Release]

How do you feel about Greg Fischer discussing the bridge nightmare with President Barack Obama? It’s a shame someone a bit less embarrassing can’t have that conversation for Louisville. [C-J/AKN]

Even Papaw Beshear is owned by River Fields. Imagine that. [Curt Morrison]

David Jones is telling River Fields to suck it and get on with it. Unfortunately, he knows these people are too stubborn and ridiculous. They’ll likely start attacking him personally and going after his family in 3, 2… [WLKY]

Sometimes things we write about turn into bigger messes a year later. [Page One]

“MSD funds green projects” – that’s how your local paper helps spin for his friends mired in corruption and scandal. [C-J/AKN]

More people are offering more millions to build a new bridge but River Fields continues to ignorantly stand in the way. [FOX41]

Brunch at Garage? Well, maybe. Just be prepared to get overloaded on carbs. [Consuming Louisville]

What’s with all these shootings in Shively? What the heck is in the water out there? [WAVE3]

Like we told you yesterday, federal transportation officials are touring the Sherman Minton. But Greg Fischer wants to act like him having a 2-minute conversation with the president is what will really solve the bridges nightmare. [Business First]

All the sudden River Fields is trying to play the victim game? Really? After all these years or horse shit? [WHAS11]

Instant racing is still giving Kentucky Downs a gigantic financial boost. [H-L]

10 thoughts on “Now River Fields Wants To Play The Role Of Victim

  1. Time for a non-violent “Pitchfork Protest” as close to the River Fields homes as legally allowed?

    I’m afraid this is one of those rare moments where the public may just have to radically increase pressure to make these people change away from their regressive, meritless position.

  2. I used to scoff at folks who implied Kentuckians are mentally challenged because of inbreeding. But with so many incestuous relationships among politicians & businesses & agencies, I see they have a valid point.

  3. Gtown: What we need is a politician who will STOP all the b.s. by refusing contributions beyond $100 and refusing to be a part of the good-old-boy network WHICH INCLUDES (BY THE WAY (THE COURIER JOURNAL.

    Heiner had a chance to do it, but chickened out on the JCPS ‘thing’ when he led the initial shot to take the bully-pulpit with JCPS — then backed down when he got criticized by the CJ . Why he thought they’d ever endorse him is ‘confusing.’

  4. Good God!….You know how much better we’d be if Hal was in there, Highlander is correct !.Sometimes you just gotta go: WTF!..and take your best shot going out on a limb!

  5. There’s a reason I screamed from the rafters during the mayoral race. There’s a reason so many Democrats ran against Greg.

    People outside Louisville could read him well during the U.S. Senate race. People inside Louisville were too pent up in lala land to flipping get it.

    “Oh, ‘Democrat’ – must vote for the Democrat.” Never mind that Hal was more liberal – despite the bullshit the Dems spread – and wasn’t made by his daddy/has real experience.

    Folks loved to discount what I was saying – even the press – despite me presenting facts and reality on a regular basis. All because the puppies & rainbows narrative built up in their heads prevented them from living in the reality-based world.

    It’s almost as if every criticism and concern I aired has come to fruition tenfold in less than a year.

    Maybe you folks who were playing follow the leader in 2010 will eventually listen to people who know what they’re talking about some day? Greg Proves that he is incapable every single day. Every day. And then you all (electeds and party heads and such) come running back to me, saying, “Oh, Jake, what can we do? Will you help?”

    Gag a maggot.

  6. No Shit!….It about the must ridiculus thing I’ve ever seen. No One has any real balls to stand up and claim FOUL, when they can see clearly they are being duped, cheated,conned. It’s difficult to beat the “entrenched system”, Those who have had the NUTS to speak out, have been clobbered unfairly by the past administration. People see that shit and shy away from being whistle blowers, or just calling them out, They are all scared to death for their on Ass.
    Most of the politics in our Community is a big controled Charade, to benifit a Chosen few!
    If the town wants to get anything done,Kick all their Ass out of the Mayors Office, Get rid of all the the Councilmen that can’t pass the smell test. Then !plead and beg a guy like David Jones to step in and take over and run this City like it should be done, with ability and real business sense, caring for the community above himself or special interest, Sue the shit out of people who are malicious like River Fields….Maybe make the Highlander president of the Metro Council, ( he seems like he has some Nuts & no trouble telling it like it IS)….Give Jake Chris Poynter’s Job so things will be conveyed honestly and accurately…Down size the Metro Council (that would eliminate half the useless dumbasses. Just think the Fantasy Administration, if you could plug and play people in the critical spots to really get this city unbridled & moving, who would it be?.

  7. I think that the biggest things that kept Heiner from winning was 1) addressing JCPS at all – that drove away some of the progressive momentum in his favor; 2) not preparing a defense against the fairness folks, where some of their charges were true but some were not.

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