Kids? Red Bull? School Buses? Voting? Hilarious

Everyone is freaking out over this anti-Steve Beshear ad that uses neighborhood schools as a scare tactic:

Sure, it’s extreme but it resonates with a ton of Louisville voters with kids in Jefferson County Public Schools.

It’s just too little, too late and a serious waste of money.

8 thoughts on “Kids? Red Bull? School Buses? Voting? Hilarious

  1. Are there any statistics on how many kids wet their pants on the long JCPS bus rides? Or whether any busses have to make pit stops?

  2. If Goobernator continues avoiding the debates, and Williams can get enough $$, ads like this will eat into Goober and Happy Pants like the yard man thirsts for a glass of water in a Louisville summer (like late August).

    Elections never get ‘serious’ until October 15th, anyway.

  3. They don’t make pit stops, but I’ve wondered, do they have access to bathrooms at the bus compounds where they switch busses? That’s how they get around the -no child is on a bus more than an hour thing – they switch busses – so in total they may be on the bus for 1 1/2, but it only counts as 2 45 minute rides.

  4. jtt: The whole thing’s a fraud — so the children are growing up to understand how Louisville and its ‘systems’ operate — primarily fraudulently. (How ’bout that ‘local athletic club’s’ latest deal the Shannessey has uncovered!!!!!! If they put criminals from UofL in jail, we’d need a new jail a lot sooner than the Metro Task Force (led by Arm’weak’ and Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms

  5. Great ad, I can’t stop laughing, I love the kid who slaps his face to stay awake, it reminded me of the time I debated Brett Guthrie on KET and kept waiting for Brett to shut up!

  6. I honestly don’t see how Gov Pawpaw is gonna lose with commercials like this (or the one with the Pawpaw look-alike studying the Obama playbook.) Williams’ desperation is showing. It’s Pawpaw’s race to lose, really. No wonder he doesn’t have to show up anywhere or do anything.

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