Judy Green Gets Worse, Now It’s Racially-Charged

Look, this bitch is crazy. The whole city knows it. Why are we allowing her ass to suck down our tax dollars for sitting on her ass while occasionally WHAS11screaming at a camera? And now she’s pretending she doesn’t have documents demanded by subpoena? Riiiight.

“After speaking with Dr. Green and knowing everything that we know now, she’s made a diligent effort to produce any kind of documents that were available,” Derwin Webb told WHAS11, “But, based upon the subpoena that she received, she doesn’t have the documents that she needs.”

Meanwhile, with Green’s expulsion hearing set to begin on Monday, city hall insiders have wondered if she might resign to avoid the mess, then simply run for her council seat again when a special election is called to fill the vacancy next year.

How shady.

“(State law) prohibits Ms. Green from depriving the Council Court of such jurisdiction by her resignation and authorizes the Council Court to complete the removal proceedings even if the full Council accepts her resignation,” ” O’Connell writes in the letter to the Council Charging Committee.

Judy Green needs to go.

Oh– and calling this a “lynching”???

In a racially charged news conference, Green’s supporters alleged that she is the victim of a double standard.

“Stop the lynching of Judy Green,” said Michael Jones. “She accounted for the money, and we don’t ask any of the other council members what they have done with their grants.”


Repeatedly attempting to turn this into a racial battle is precisely why so many people roll their eyes and turn up their noses. Pretending this has anything to do with the color of Judy Green’s skin is ridiculous.

What a farce.

P.S. This came at 8:58 A.M.:

Metro Council Court Chair Kelly Downard will hold a final pre-hearing conference with Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell and counsel for both the Charging Committee and Respondent to discuss motions related to removal charges before the Metro Council Court. The meeting will take place at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, September 8, 2011 in the Chambers of the Metro Council Court (3rd Floor, 601 W. Jefferson Street).

We’re sure ODJ isn’t too happy.

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  1. I get sick of racial comments. If you have done something wrong it does not matter if you are black or white. Its wrong.
    Blacks should be angry at Green for claiming racial. I get tired of this smallness.

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