Don’t Let MAS & Greg Fischer Shirk Responsibility

A Jefferson County deputy sheriff tainted the jury pool, delaying all kinds of criminal trials. [C-J/AKN]


Yesterday was Day 8 of the Third Annual Golden Poo Awards nomination process and you need to get on that gravy train. [Page One]

Yesterday marked the 120th day Republican Party of Kentucky Chairman Steve Robertson has questioned Jack Conway: “If Jack Conway really thinks he can make it through Election Day without answering these questions, he’s got another thing coming,” said Robertson. “If he wanted to make this thing go away, all he would have to do is thoroughly answer the five simple questions I have been posing for 120 days now.” [Press Release]

Lexington’s Urban County Government is making contingency plans for budget cuts. If Louisville did the same, Greg Fischer wouldn’t be disconnected enough to beg Metro Councilcritters for their slush fund dollars for his waterfront party. [H-L]

Judy Green has been given until Tuesday to produce those documents she doesn’t want to produce. Why these people continue giving her break after break is beyond us. [C-J/AKN]

The woman just won’t quit! She continues to attack her colleagues left and right. [FOX41]

Wait, there’s yet another place in Louisville to get cupcakes? We thought that fad was over. [Consuming Louisville]

Not many people are happy with having to pay $50 just for the chance to try to buy tickets to the Oaks and Derby. [WAVE3]

Tennessee moonshine products are now on sale in Kentucky. It’s only a matter of time before Kentucky moonshine is legal. [Business First]

Arrests are being made in animal cruelty cases. Greg Fischer and Metro Council are still sitting on their hands over animal cruelty taking place at Metro Animal Services. [WHAS11]

15 thoughts on “Don’t Let MAS & Greg Fischer Shirk Responsibility

  1. Poor Judy Green – looks like she is going to have to do some WORK during her 7-day Labor Day weekend…while she’s biding her time on the Metro payroll while waiting for her appointment to the UofL Dental School staff.

  2. I saw the headline yesterday: LMAS and LMPD investigating animal cruelty and was wondering if it was taking place at LMAS.

    G-town: Are you joking or have you heard that Dudy Green is going to have a job at UofL? They bringing her on to instruct the higher ups on how to get away with even more things?

  3. Gtown Reader: Ole’ Dirty Judy joining in w/Comb-over Jim, Tommy Turtleneck, Charlie ‘Weak’ and Fifteeno — now that would be quite a foursome.

  4. There’s a little-publicized adoption event at the Zoo tomorrow. The time was JUST changed from 10-2 and is now 9-1.

    In the meantime, LMAS has given volunteers until 5:00 today to find homes for 12 dogs, or they’ll kill them. Click on my name for the link. LMAS is not promoting them, though there are one or two staffers doing their best to help when they get inquiries.

    World-Class-Mayor-Transparency-and-Innovation and his minions at LMAS are still stonewalling on investigating allegations of cruelty there. And while the kennels seem to be cleaner, nothing can make up for the spread of disease through a ventilation system that hasn’t EVER been cleaned.

    Fischer, Reynolds, every Council member, and Scally: callous, incompetent, or both?

  5. I’m really just speculating on Green’s future employment opportunities. But thinks about it! Several times I’ve seen “notables” or white-collar scofflaws (folks “accused” of having a hand in the cookie jar, including JCPS), end up at one university or another. Green’s “too good” to work an “ordinary” job, & probably “not good enough” to maintain a successful dental business.

  6. *THINK about it.
    Wish there were a time-delay after hitting “submit,” or a mechanism for making corrections on posts.
    Wish I could think of the name, but some years back I first noted that a JCPS school office staff caught “green-handed” who was still awaiting trial was newly working a staff job at UofL, in a capacity related to fund-raising or collection!

  7. Say what you want about the others, but I can say from personal experience that Charlie STRONG is a legit good guy.

  8. Jason: Do you actually believe that the Head Defensive Coach of the University of Florida’s football team WASN’T AWARE of what was going on at Miami U — and being done by Miami’s CHIEF RECRUITER, Coach Hurrtt? Since anyone with a grain of sense wouldn’t believe that, and since you’re possessive of good sense, then why in the world would Charlie “weak” hire Hurrtt to help him recruit here in Louisville?

    Jason: I seriously question wheher Charlie “weak” is really ‘strong’ OR even a legit coach.

  9. Jake,
    I would like to say thank you for fighting so hard to bring animal issues to the forefront in our community. You have used your blog and the power that it gives you to help the helpless.
    Thank you.

  10. Perhaps it’s because you have such an axe to grind that you can’t see the good in people. I’ve personally seen how he’s helped a close friend of mine deal with a serious family illness, and Charlie Strong is truly the salt of the earth.

    I know that means nothing to you, but to my friend, his family and friends, it means a lot.

  11. Jason: That’s wonderful. He STILL HIRED a KNOWN cheat as his recruiter, and that guy brought 12 Miami area footballers to the local athletic club. Not good.

  12. Jason: One more point, if I might. Someone once said, “Character is what goes on when no one’s watching.” Jim and Tammy Faye Baker did a lot of good things when ‘everyone’ was watching on TV, but when no one was watching, Ole’ Jimmy was a rounder on Tammy Faye and had BOTH hands in the collection plate.

    I see some similarity here with your observation (which is truly wonderful) and what would be the REAL Charlie.


  13. Well, seeing as how he did what he did when no one was watching, it’s safe to say I know the REAL Charlie Strong, and he’s a good guy.

  14. I’ve seen him outside of football functions and found him to be just what everybody there else was: an attentive parent and everyday guy. On other occassions, like under- or un-publicized charity events, he is attentive, unscripted, and genuine.

    The guy is not glitzy at all. He appears to do just what he says he will do.

  15. FINE: Dismiss Hurrtt, because he has no business being involved with a ‘quality program’ IF that’s what Coach Strong is going to run. THAT FIRING would send a message that’t not been sent by the local ‘athletic club’ in a dozen years — a message that says “we’re going to do this right” and “we’re going to be a university NOT AN athletic club.

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