Bridge Repairs To Take 6 Months, Cost $20 Million

Here’s what John Yarmuth had to say on the matter:

“The Sherman Minton does not need extensive repairs which is great news for our community. A timeframe of six months is much better than several years, however, it is still a long time for commuters and local businesses. A bipartisan coalition has come together to make this a top national priority and we remain committed to doing whatever it takes to expedite the process and get traffic moving across the bridge again.”

Guess the Indiana Mayoral Candidate bit off more than he could chew when announcing repairs would only take two months. Woops.

7 thoughts on “Bridge Repairs To Take 6 Months, Cost $20 Million

  1. Could it be that the actual repairs are projected to take up to 2 months, but the financing & haggling & politicizing will drag out for a minimum of 4 months? Barring a miracle, prior experiences in this Metro area lead me to believe even 6 months is optimistic – even with Indiana responsible for the repairs.

  2. $14M of the needed $20M are already in the hands of local officials. Take the $14M that they are going to use to build a walkway on the Big 4 bridge and use it where it counts, to repair the Minton bridge.

  3. It’s probably going to take awhile to get the amount of steel they need. Its all coming from ground up Oldsmobiles we send to China.

  4. There is no serious talk of local access bridges because our city’s leadership knows that the regressive ORBP cannot compete with additional cross river connections. The full ORBP is built on a financial house of cards and the consultants are criminally lying through statistics to make it appear that the bonds can be payed off with the expected revenue stream. If you are for the full ORBP then you are against additional cost-effective local access bridges in the next 50-100 years. Prevent the biggest urban planning mistake of the 21st century. Divide the project, not the community. Save Louisville.

  5. The ORBP is a joke. There is no need for a new downtown bridge. What they need to do is build the east end bridge, once all the current bridges are deemed safe, then extend 265, in New Albany, out to Harrison County and build a south end bridge to make a full circle of 265. Every major city has a loop around it. Once this is done then make every semi truck that has no business in Louisville go around. This is logic but of course we are dealing with an area that took many years just to get a bridge painted.

  6. Mark P, Stop throwing good ideas, and common sense. The Louisville elite do not allow the obvious, and ideas that actually work. Thinking like yours will put a lot of lawyers, consultants, out of work, and cause politicians to lose perfectly good graft $$$$.

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