Anne Northup Is Once Again Attention-Starved

How on earth does Jefferson County Public Schools have $302,000 to spend on a curriculum audit? [C-J/AKN]

If you aren’t following me on Twitter, you aren’t getting the full story. I do things like leak candidate ads (last night was Todd P’Pool’s and then the mainstream jumped on it) and share tidbits I don’t have time to write about. [Get On It]

LG&E wants to convert its coal-fired plant on Cane Run to natural gas. Is this a good thing, folks? [FOX41]

What sense does it make to move mail processing from Lexington all the way to Louisville and Knoxville? [H-L]

And what sense does it make to close one of Louisville’s facilities if the city is expecting even more mail volume from the rest of the state? [Business First]

Maybe rider numbers for a river shuttle service wouldn’t be low if there was adequate public transportation in the metro area. Most people don’t want to walk 45 miles to and from the boat. [WAVE3]

This is apparently a thing that is happening tomorrow on the waterfront. [Consuming Louisville]

Oh, look, it’s Anne Northup putting down the sauce long enough to complain about John Yarmuth again. If she really gave two flips about the bridges situation, wouldn’t her ass still be working on it? This city voted her out for a reason – it wanted her gone. She needs to get the hint. (It’s true, though, that John is placating his rich friends more than he should.) [WHAS11]

Remember the monster water main break? It cost $1.1 million to repair. [WLKY]

Have you seen the stinky hypocrisy rolling out of the Democrats in Kentucky lately? We’re still waiting on their jobs plan and goals for Kentucky’s economy. It’s too bad they’ll never offer them, ever. [Page One]

Landmark status was denied for the South End’s Kenwood Drive-In. [WFPL]

Churchill Downs says it won’t be renewing its contract with the Jockeys’ Guild. [Paulick Report]

10 thoughts on “Anne Northup Is Once Again Attention-Starved

  1. It would be helpful if the CJ did some research for a change. The curriculum audit is mandated by the state. It went through the proper bid process; the PDK audit is used by school districts all over the country; the price is absurdly low for what they are getting. The results will mean serious change in the quality of education in Louisville. Finally: Any business of JCPS size would do an organizational audit at least every five years.

  2. There are many reasons our city lacks adequate mass transportation. However, until our citizens goes out of their way to actually use the transportation system we have, and stop relying solely on our vehicles, it will never change.

    Another segment of our citizens that need to change their attitude are those outside of the Watterson and Gene Snyder. We cannot sustain a transportation system that is spread so thinly, unless they pay more for it.

    Our government is spending a lot of money on TARC, while it should be sustained by fares.

  3. At least on ONE medium I heard that ferry shuttle riders were to be given a “free” TARC trolley ticket upon disembarking in Louisville. And, at least ONCE I heard reference to a (free?) Downtown shuttle system available for ferry boat passengers upon reaching Louisville.
    But I heard MORE from folks declining to use the ferry on the basis of NOT KNOWING HOW TO GET THE REST OF THE WAY TO WORK – including from a young healthy looking woman that complained she worked * 4 BLOCKS * from the wharf. (I think per news story she finally figured out she could, uh, WALK.)
    Anyway, I don’t think they’ve broadcast/published enough info to the, uh, masses, to show them how simple some destinations are. (But the ferry return trips also seemed to end awfully EARLY, apparently because of prior dinner cruise commitments.)
    For a complete “retro” experience they should have horse-drawn carriages waiting on the wharf!

  4. If the Post Office would get off their pity pot, stop crying “wolf” at least twice a year, and make the service cuts they NEED to make – eliminating Sat. AND Monday delivery – they’d save money, and I’d have 2 less days to worry about bills coming in the mail.

  5. To get to the free trolleys, you have to walk to the Galt House lobby to catch it — the 4th Street trolley no longer goes down to the wharf like it used to. Perhaps it should when the ferry is there. I can understand people not wanting to walk uphill a couple of stories to get to the trolley as it takes longer than just driving across the Clark Bridge.

    Jake, to understand the bus system, you just need to know two things: first, if you need to change busses, the first bus will arrive at the place you need to change busses at five to ten minutes later than the second bus leaves, leaving you with at least a 60 minute wait. Second, if you rely on a bus, like the 35 or the 80 (or the 43 going all the way to Fern Creek), they’ll cancel it. Personally, I like the Evansville system. They have a couple of transit hubs where you are guaranteed to make your connection as all the busses wait there for a couple minutes for all the busses to arrive.

  6. I wish I could offer courses in reading public transit sites and making sense of routes and schedules. I’ve relied on TARC for years–and to be honest, it’s nowhere near as complicated as cities with comprehensive and awesome public transit! [I learned to read public transit schedules in Chicago.]

    The real problem is, of course, that very frequently people find out they’d have to be in transit 4+ hours a day and, very reasonably, would rather drive. Personally I think Louisville’s an ideal city for trains, since neighborhood hubs are spread out all over the place–Louisville should get train infrastructure, and then build the bus system around that.

  7. jenlillith: Where’s the Monopoly money coming for all these ‘terrific’ suggestions? I know — from all the folks who are thieving it from UofL. or maybe from — well — maybe if we put tolls on the remaining 2 bridges. Naw — that won’t work either, because Riverfields would object in court and hold it up for 42 years. Watchathink?

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