A Thought On Metro Animal Services’ Kill Rate

Let’s say you’re one of those alleged terrible pet owners Greg Fischer’s office loves to blame for all of the problems at Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Do you know how many animals you’d have to kill in order to keep up with LMAS?

You’d have to kill one pet per day for 25 years to kill as many dogs and cast as LMAS kills in a year.

Jim King freaked out when people started calling his office a couple weeks ago. So be sure to be specific with your requests when you’re speaking with Jim or his staff. And know your statistics and facts – don’t play pat-a-cake.

1 thought on “A Thought On Metro Animal Services’ Kill Rate

  1. For comparison, Austin, TX, which just committed to “no kill” last year, has saved over 90% of all animals since early this year (January or February), and saved 96% in August. They have volunteers watchdogging them, so they are not just playing with numbers. And Austin takes in 23,000 a year, compared to Louisville’s 14,000. So what has Austin got that Louisville hasn’t got? A mayor and council that did what they promised to do.

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