Student Assignment Plan Suffers Major Blow

Ruh ro:

A split Kentucky appeals court has struck down Jefferson County’s student assignment plan, saying the law as written allows parents to register their children at the nearest school to their home.

Judge Kelly Thompson, in an opinion joined by Judge Thomas Caperton, overturned a circuit judge’s decision upholding the plan, under which some students are taken by bus to schools across the county.

This is sure to be a crazy ass argument that’s about to begin.

UPDATE — Here’s what David Williams had to say:

“This ruling validates what I and thousands of concerned citizens in Jefferson County have long argued. This failed social experiment should be scrapped and replaced with a neighborhood schools plan, putting kids in classrooms closer to home and allowing for greater participation from parents and grandparents. Unfortunately, Gov. Beshear and his running mate Jerry Abramson have long opposed my plan for neighborhood schools despite overwhelming evidence that the current student assignment plan has done nothing to improve test scores. I hope the school board leaves this misguided policy behind and moves forward with a neighborhood schools plan that will accomplish what we all want – the best possible education for every child in every part of Jefferson County.”

The paper will try to blame him for everything wrong in Louisville in 3, 2…

Bridge Repairs To Take 6 Months, Cost $20 Million

Here’s what John Yarmuth had to say on the matter:

“The Sherman Minton does not need extensive repairs which is great news for our community. A timeframe of six months is much better than several years, however, it is still a long time for commuters and local businesses. A bipartisan coalition has come together to make this a top national priority and we remain committed to doing whatever it takes to expedite the process and get traffic moving across the bridge again.”

Guess the Indiana Mayoral Candidate bit off more than he could chew when announcing repairs would only take two months. Woops.

Hope You’re Riding A Bike To Work Right Now

Some of those jobs Steve Beshear boasts about creating just do not exist. But you already knew that. Seriously – just read the second paragraph and laugh: Hundreds of specific jobs that the Democratic governor identifies on his campaign Web site actually have not been created since the initial press releases went out, or they were partially offset by subsequent layoffs at the same companies, or they were announced under Ernie Fletcher, Beshear’s Republican predecessor. I predict Steve Beshear will try to get John Cheves fired as he tried to do with Ryan Alessi during the Kentucky Central story. [John Cheves]

Papaw Beshear will be at a presser in New Albany, Indiana today at 9:30 A.M. to discuss the Sherman Minton Bridge. [Press Release]

A mayoral candidate in Indiana is upstaging Steve Beshear and crew by announcing the Sherman Minton will reopen within two months. [WHAS11]

Mitch Daniels can’t even manage his state’s bridges. Of course he couldn’t run for the presidency. [Slate]

The pre-application process begins on Monday for heating assistance. It’s going to be mind-boggling to see how many people need help this year. [WAVE3]

Just a reminder that if you know someone who is committing disability fraud, report them ASAP. [Page One]

The Saint James Court Art Shenanigans are this weekend. Are you going to go spend all kinds of money? We hope so. Because it’s why Louisville can have nice things. [FOX41]

Ford could add some 10,000 jobs but would any of them end up in Louisville? [Business First]

Steve Beshear is the biggest coal shill in Kentucky but no Democrats want to admit it or have a discussion about it. [WLKY]

Greg Fischer is riding his bike for the second time this year. We hope you’re doing the same and we hope the city makes it easier and easier for you to do so. [Broken Sidewalk]

We stand by our assertion that Greg Fischer only ran for mayor to appear more frequently in the local party rags and to embarrass us on White House video. [WFPL]

A Thought On Metro Animal Services’ Kill Rate

Let’s say you’re one of those alleged terrible pet owners Greg Fischer’s office loves to blame for all of the problems at Louisville Metro Animal Services.

Do you know how many animals you’d have to kill in order to keep up with LMAS?

You’d have to kill one pet per day for 25 years to kill as many dogs and cast as LMAS kills in a year.

Jim King freaked out when people started calling his office a couple weeks ago. So be sure to be specific with your requests when you’re speaking with Jim or his staff. And know your statistics and facts – don’t play pat-a-cake.

Maybe It’s Best To Just Stop Driving Forever, Folks

Every T, D & H on earth – 16 of them – applied to get Judy Green’s old Metro Council seat for the First District. Why some of those folks continue to run for every office they can get their hands on, we’ll never know. [WFPL]

Oh, look, it’s Greg Fischer trying to act like he understands legislation, government and the economy. [White House]

Grinstead Drive to two lanes? Yes please. Louisville would appreciate that. [C-J/AKN]

We’ve written about corrupt former Whitley County Sheriff Lawrence Hodge on Page One for years. He’s finally been sentenced to 15.5 years in prison for his shenanigans. Seems like just yesterday he was trashing us for questioning him. [H-L]

Catholic Health Initiatives notorious for performing unnecessary surgeries? And the University of Louisville wants to be taken over by CHI? That sounds like a great plan. [WHAS11]

Really, Louisville Democrats (*cough* Jim King *cough*)? Trying to keep the cost of union contract negotiations secret? It’s like Jim does every stupid thing people tell him not to do. Wow. If you can’t be transparent, you shouldn’t be in public office. [ More WFPL]

The Sherman Minton bridge can apparently reopen much sooner than originally expected. [WAVE3]

The premise behind this Parking Day thing is nice and all but what did it accomplish? Nothing. [Broken Sidewalk]

Jefferson County has established a new domestic violence program that could save valuable time and protect lives. [FOX41]

A new beer joint is officially opening on October 4 on Main Street. [Consuming Louisville]

Have you checked out this WWII ship that’s landed in Louisville? It’s pretty cool and you should do so. [Business First]

Construction on the Gene Snyder? Yes, Louisville, the world is coming to an end. [WLKY]