New Study: Kentucky Kids At HIgh Risk Of Hunger

A landmark study, released by Dare to Care Food Bank, reveals there are kids living with or at risk of living with hunger in every county.

The study – Map the Meal Gap: Child Food Insecurity 2011 – shows rates range from 14% in Fayette County to levels higher than 26% in counties like Carroll and Henry.

“These numbers are stunning, but unfortunately, in this time of unprecedented need for food assistance, not entirely surprising,” said Brian Riendeau, Executive Director of Dare to Care. “This study reinforces the depth of the challenge before us as we work to insure all families in our community have access to the food they need to be healthy. Now, more than ever, we need our community to respond and stand with us. Supporters can join us at The Hunger Walk on September 18 and find other ways to help at”


What shocked us? One-third of food-insecure kids are in households that don’t qualify for federal child nutrition programs. Programs like reduced school lunch prices.

Should be enough to make your head spin.

2 thoughts on “New Study: Kentucky Kids At HIgh Risk Of Hunger

  1. And the question is … why? Do we need to raise the numbers or are those families making bad choices that deprive the children of needed meals?

  2. And the answer is… The rich are richer and the poor are poorer now than at any time since just before the Great Depression. Thanks for doing your part to keep your citizens hungry, Rand Paul and Mitch McConnell.

    There will always be some parents who make bad choices, but this is mostly about bad government, not bad parents.

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